Tropical Penguin Return

Ahoy Mateys,

Tropical Penguin’s owner would like to personally apologize for the previous closing post on Tropical. So don’t put away that tanning lotion just yet, because Tropical Penguin is not closing. In fact, it’s coming back bigger and better than ever. The owner, Mosh, and the administrative team are introducing a brand new Spanish server, along with a Spanish Discord channel.

Click here if you’re a matey looking to join Tropical Penguin’s Discord. Here’s what’s even more interesting. Mosh is now hiring one administrator and four moderators for the new Spanish Server. Please send your application to [email protected] if you’re interested in a staff position. Mateys, if you were already registered for Tropical Penguin, your account is still in the database and in the in-game manager, so no need to register again.

January 15, 2017 will be the release date, and the site will offer all new features including new rooms, custom items, hoodies, scarfs, and all of the basic features including bubble color, WOW, speed, beaks, moods, name glow, and penguin glow. Here is the best part mateys, and get ready, because it’s all FREE. A brand new support system will also be implemented.

Well, that about covers everything, so get ready to set sail mateys, because a new adventure awaits in the year of 2017. Arrrgh!

See ya Chums!

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