Tropical Penguin: An upcoming CPPS

Hey everyone,

Dev here! I’ve some exciting news for you! A new CPPS is going to release soon and it’s called Tropical Penguin. The CPPS has some exciting features like:

  • NameGlow/BubbleColour/RingColour/Snowball.
  • Custom Rooms.
  • Pm System.
  • SS (Penguin Size).
  • Moods (You can also change the colour of the moods).
  • Titles.
  • Working Games.
  • Working Igloos.
  • ChatGlow.
  • Blend/Alpha Mode.

Woah! They have tons of features to make your experience great! My favorite feature from the list would be Custom Rooms. Are you looking for some pictures of the rooms? Here they are:

However, the sad news is that the owner does not have a specific release date yet. But, he stated that it’ll probably release somewhere between November and December. The good news is that, every feature will be free and they will not add a V.I.P rank or charge anything either. They’re also looking for Moderators, Flash Designers and a Website Designer. If you have think you have what it takes to be a part of their team, then please do contact the owner via Discord his username is Mosh#3765.

Currently I don’t have anymore pictures to share, but don’t be sad! We’re going to keep you updated about its release, until then. Adios amigos!


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