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Hey Guys,

I am Lucas, also known as Drouin on some CPPS! I am 14 years old, and I live in Cali. I am currently on vacation in Europe (Bosnia & Herzegovina), a small country. The town is known as Bugojno, It used to be a huge city, until we had war and the other country (Serbia) took most of our land and destroyed all of the homes. I visit every year. I enjoy playing sports, listening to music, writing, blogging, and hanging out with my friends.

I am currently an owner on an up-coming CPPS called HydroCP. I’m currently a FrostPengu Moderator. It’s a pleasure working with Speedy. I will make professional posts, not slacky and lazy. If you see me around on any CPPS don’t be shy! Feel free to say hi and ask questions! You will hear from me most likely every day. I will bring information to the table and I will be exploring CPPS’s and more information to post on Speedy!

Until then,

Lucas/or Drouin


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