ToxicCP Updates!

Hey, Everyone!

I have some awesome news for you’ll… The new server that had just opened named ToxicCP will be releasing some cool updates/features. The current features that have been implemented are:

  • Custom Beaks
  • Radio
  • Staff Badges
  • PM System
  • Thanksgiving Town (Will be shown)
  • ToxicCP Logo

With more to come!

Upcoming Updates:

  • Custom Rooms
  • Custom Items
  • Marry/BFF
  • Lottery System
  • Custom Backgrounds

ToxicCP will be having huge and exciting improvements, The development team works very hard to make a safe and enjoyable environment to play on for all the users. If you have any ideas or suggestions, Please tell the ToxicCP administrators here.

ToxicCP also has a new link which will be provided at the end of the post… The VIP commands are going to be added pretty soon.. Which will have:

  • Size (Probably Speed)
  • NG, NC, BC and BT
  • Penguin Glow
  • Some custom items + Custom backgrounds/Pins
  • VIP Badge
  • Snowball Glow
  • Possibly Walk on Walls

Those are all for right now, As I said before have any ideas or suggestions. Tell us on discord.

Let’s get onto the sneak peaks:


That’s the town that the owner Toxic designer for Thanksgiving… More custom rooms + items are coming soon, Speaking of designing, They are in need of another Designer, If you’re interested, You can go ahead and PM #Brain3457 or #Toxic1139.


Neat cursive logo! Looks nice. Let’s move onto the beaks:


Here are the steps of how to find the commands list, discord and how to edit your beak:

  • Go to “ToxicCP.pw” then log in to your account.
  • Once you are logged in, You will see a bunch of pages at the top of the screen
  • Right next to where it says “Search” click “Home”.
  • When you have finished clicking home, simply scroll down like a tiny bit and you will see a green button that looks like that shown above ^
  • Then click it and you will see.


  • Beak changer is there, link for discord is below “Misc Commands”, Half the commands are shown, but to see the full list click on “Misc Commands”.

That’s all for right now If you have any questions you can always reply to this post or even PM me on discord. Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.

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