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Hey everyone,

I approached Toxic today and spoke with him about ToxicCP and its near future. Many users on our discord were asking, what ToxicCP has done? Well, he hired another developer alongside to help him out a bit, since one of their other developers is busy with his own CPPS. The updates will be on the second part of the post, but right now we’ll get started on the Monthly Review.

  • What does ToxicCP mainly focus on?

We focus on our players and their experience.

  • What do you plan on doing terms of security?

We have already secured everything! Also implemented Cloudflare.

  • How many active users do you have on a daily basis?

Well, it has been dry because the server has been down for updates but mainly 10 registered users a day, at least that’s what my database results have proven so far.

  • Are there any other updates coming to ToxicCP in the next few weeks?

For sure, a new PM system, more custom items, a new interface (possibly), a new shell, and finally new badges!

  • Are there any changes in the staff team?

Yes, one new developer. We are hiring new mods!

Those were some solid answers from Toxic! Big thanks for taking the time and answering these questions for me.

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Don’t leave just yet, many of you know I did a post of their release and updates post a few weeks ago. Well now they have just been down for major updates again and I am surely impressed and I really think it’s fantastic. Let’s get started on the custom loading screen.

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I honestly like love the loading screen, many different colors and a text that says Loading, it’s really different from other loading screens I’ve seen by far.


This is a 100% custom made badge by Toxic, it’s obviously only for VIP. If you want VIP it’s $3 and you can find it on the Store page.


This is a custom item that was made by Toxic. Unfortunately it’s also only for VIP, which will made public soon. There is no ID for the item just yet…Toxic calls this the Cotton Candy Hoodie. I love the hoodie design, it looks pretty.


This is something new that Toxic implemented, a good way to look for your designated clothing items. If you want a body item, click on the Redshirt. If you want a hand item, click on the Maracas. If you want shoes or feet items, click on the blue shoes. If you want a neck item, click on the bow tie. If you want a face item, click on the Black glasses. Same with backgrounds, click on the white background or sticker. Pins are shown very clear, it’s really simple.

Last but not the least, Toxic has uploaded a staff page to the website, let’s take a look.


There will be a lot more updates as he stated in the Monthly Review, I am looking forward to it, I hope you are too ūüėÄ

Thank you for reading my post and have a great day.


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