Throwback Thursday: Slushy.us

Hey Everyone,

This week, I have decided to bring back the old memories of the former CPPS well known as Slushy.us, then converted to Frosty.us. I remember that a lot of people enjoyed playing Slushy.us. It was one of the best CPPS’es made, I really liked it and it was one of my favorites. The owner of Slushy, Ry4n created BringBack2009 before Slushy and Frosty.us. BringBack2009 was basically made to bring back the old memories of Club Penguin in 2009 style. After it closed, Many users were disappointed and a bit sad. People were trying to get it back, But it was over. Years past and then Ryan created Slushy.us. Also, If you are thinking that he created BB09 in 2009, No, It was created in early 2014. Most of you may know that Slushy existed in late 2015, Some of 2016.

As most of you may know that Slushy.us had amazing events, they also had a lottery page. You would have to giveaway 2000 credits to enter and try to win VIP. I never won it, so, I just gave up and bought it :P. Slushy was also owned by Swanky and Chipotle along with Ryan.

Slushy had playercard music and a custom interface, my favorite features on Slushy were the PG (Playercard Glow) and Playercard Music. The main and buy room on Slushy had to be the town, It was actually the only customized room. It looks the same but added a few features. Also, If you stay logged on for 10 minutes you get 1000 free credits! Mostly everyone had gotten nameglow, namecolor, bubble color, bubble text, walk on walls, speed, etc. I remember two moderators TZog and Becca. 

Over the past months Slushy has been alive, many new users have been coming and some were leaving, but Slushy was never inactive, by that I mean it always had users. It grew from 0 users to more than 100!

Now, Let’s start by throwing a couple memorable images here:


This was the beta town, they had this town for like 4-5 days and then got rid of it. Well, they just edited it and added more features to it. As you can see that was version 2.5, every couple of weeks/or months they would implement new features and update the version status.

This video is when Slushy just opened. The next video will be the 2nd version, new & improved!

There you go!

I hope the good memories of Slushy came back to you, It was fun while it lasted!
I don’t have the exact reason why it closed.People have been telling me that it closed because of the lack of money/or players. That’s all I have for you today, have a great day! See you next time.



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