Throwback Thursday: Rile5


Rile5 was the home of numerous users and the base of CPPSes. It was one of the greatest and most famous CPPS forums to exist ever. It initially began off as a little forum running on phpBB and after that as time went on, they changed to an alternate discussion programming otherwise called IPB (Invision Power Board). Owned by Riley, administrated and co-owned by Bane and d0pe. It initially began under the domain rile5.co and afterward went onto rile5.us lastly rile5.com.

             Rile5 opened it’s doors in the year 2011, I don’t exactly recollect it’s release date since I joined Rile5 on February 15th 2012, under the username Neil which is additionally my genuine name, I then passed by a few nom de plumes, for example, Moose, iNeil, Cube, Craig, Sloth, Cyanogen and so on. To my recognition I was the top poster, an accommodating yet irritating individual furthermore had a significant decent reputation.



It was likewise the home of CPPSes, it was the place each user would figure out how to make a CPPS and it educated a great deal of different things identified with CPPSes too, for example, the capacity to redo the CPPS and creating new source codes. Rile5 was not only a forum about CPPSes but as a forum for Minecraft, Transformice, Agar.io, MLP and significantly more. It was additionally more than a typical forum, it was family. Despite the fact that a ton of dramatization used to go ahead, once a day. Many of us cruised the ship and stayed in the forum and continued communicating with each other.

Meeting new users regularly was what made Rile5 fascinating and practically every user who entered Rile5 had their very own ability, becoming more acquainted with them and turn into their companions was my greatest need beside figuring out how to become a developer. One of the numerous individuals who I met was our own one of a kind Administrator and my sister from another mister, Jennifer.

screenshot-from-2016-10-27-03-40-14The girl with the penguin picture

Jennifer was one of the numerous individuals who was likewise a part of the Rile5 era. Despite the fact that Jennifer did not communicate much around the forum, she was referred to numerous as an idiosyncratic noiseless, irritating young lady with a MLP Pony picture. Jennifer joined Rile5 back in February 3rd 2013 and would generally get on to peruse posts and post jaw dropping content.




A portion of alternate individuals my identity likewise companions with were Grimz (Cooldude170), Matei (Romtoc), Bryson (Wesley/Cactii), Maxwell, DMC (DM-Chris), Static (Lewis), Widd (Hyperboreal.me), b00mx0r (Cpps.me) and Damen (OldCP.biz). Being in Rile5 was one of the best experiences in all my years and never will I ever overlook how it helped molded me and numerous different individuals. Here’s an interesting screenshot to show you exactly how astonishing Rile5 was.


Zoom-in for a more clear view.

Shockingly I was not around and had left the community for a bit and returned to discover Rile5, had shut it’s doors on August 25th 2015. I was profoundly disheartened yet had an inclination it would happen some time or another however didn’t anticipate that it will be that soon. Rile5 shutdown because of a fast decrease where visitors regularly was 150 per day had dropped to 10-20 and from 30+ individuals online consistently to only 5-10 individuals and at times 30 at the same time. Ever since Rile5 shut it’s doors, a considerable measure of its individuals have proceeded onward with their own lives, however a few of us stuck around and attempted to keep the community going by drawing out another Forum called Solero which was the successor of Rile5, which likewise shut its doors not long ago and now we have Aureus.

Well that’s all there is you need to know about Rile5 and I hope each and every one of you viewers enjoyed reading this article Don’t forget to share your memories of Rile5 in the comments box below, if you’ve been a part of the epic journey

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