Throwback Thursday: Oasis.PS Memories!

Hey everyone!

Many of you might be wondering what Throwback Thursday is. Every Thursday one team member from the Speedy Staff Team will write about an old CPPS that existed many years ago. It can be any CPPS, even OldCPv2. So today, as you may know from the title, I will bring back memories from Oasis! Hope you guys enjoy!

Let’s go over a few facts about Oasis.

  • Who owned Oasis?

The owner of Oasis was Tybone10.

  • Was there anything that made Oasis stand out from other CPPSes?

Yes, Oasis had many amazing custom features!

  • Did you play Oasis?

Yes, I did!

  • If you played Oasis, do you recall the Staff Team being nice?

Yes, the staff team was very nice, very helpful, and were always on your side.

  • When did Oasis close?

Oasis.PS closed on December 11, 2015.

  • What was the reason for Oasis’s closure?

Oasis wasn’t doing so well at the time. The team wanted continue to create and bring forward many new innovative features, but we overall listened to what the users wanted to see on a server. Many of Mirai’s unique features were suggested which then got us thinking about Mirai. Everyone within the team felt a strong connection to Mirai, whether it was the old memories they experienced in early 2013, or some of the key features such as emote packs. We felt empowered to bring that magical experience back, along with criticial user feedback we came to terms that Mirai was in the best interest of the userbase, so we made the switch.

Those are some amazing facts about Oasis. Shall we move onto some of the photos that were taken back when it was online? Let’s start with some of their features:

Transform into 50+ different characters

Remember the Oasis Player Editor? Almost everyone enjoyed using the editor!

What about the Party Switcher?

You guys remember the Party Switcher right? It had ever party starting from 2009-2015!

Oasis New Version

Hey, remember the new version of Oasis? As you can see, when you hover over the friends icon, it will show which one of your friends are on.

After all of that, you guys knew that Oasis hosted many amazing parties and contests right? Well, I will now show you some of the memorable events, parties and contests that Oasis had:

Oasis Prom


How many of you remember the Oasis Prom? I enjoyed it, did you?

Summer Kick-Off


Summer Kick-Off Party!!! It was a very hot day and we needed to cool off 😉

They also had some neat Youtube videos! Click here for their first Youtube video. Click here for their second Youtube video. Last, I would like to get back to the custom features and show you the neat and well-done customized homepage.


Very nice homepage! I like how they customized it and made a mail system.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will see you guys next time. Stay tuned for my next post on a TBT 🙂 I hope everyone’s good memories came back from them. Have a great week!


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