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Hello Everybody,

Some of you may recall a CPPS from a very long time ago which goes by the name of Matt’s CPPS. This server was an AS3 server, and it was loved by several players. People believed this CPPS was different from any other CPPS out there, being very unique and other things of that nature. Not only was the userbase nice, but so were the staff. Let’s go over a few facts known about Matt’s CPPS.

  • When was Matt’s CPPS released?

Matt’s CPPS was released sometime back in 2012. The original Matt’s CPPS stayed up for quite some time back then. After some issues going on with the server, it closed down. It made its comeback a 3 years later, and believe me, old Matt’s CPPS players were excited.

  • Who owned Matt’s CPPS?

Of course, the owner of Matt’s CPPS was our very one and only Matt. He’s been in the community for years, and he had intentions of making the server fun for everyone.

  • Was there anything that made Matt’s CPPS stand out from other CPPSes?

Definitely! Matt’s CPPS had a credit system. In my opinion, I believe this made it stand out from other CPPSes. Unfortunately, the only way you could get credits was if you either referred someone to Matt’s CPPS (1oo credits per referral), or if you bought them yourself. Players could transfer you credits, but they didn’t tend to give out credits like candy. They were pretty sacred in the game; however, when you got the right amount of credits, you could buy pretty awesome features such as a title, title color, and more!

  • Did you play Matt’s CPPS?

I did indeed play Matt’s CPPS! In fact, I was a Staff Leader on it. Though I only played the 2015-2016 version, one of our very own Authors, Hess, was also a Staff Leader with me. We here at Speedy CPPSHQ have also made a few posts about Matt’s CPPS. If you search far back, you’ll be able to find some of our posts!

  • If you played it, did Matt’s CPPS have a friendly userbase?

It definitely did! Back when I played it, many of the users were super sweet to both me and everyone else on the game.

  • If you played Matt’s CPPS, do you recall the Staff Team being nice?

Of course! I worked with them. Each and every staff were all very sweet people, and I’m glad I got to help them with the progress of Matt’s CPPS!

  • How do you feel about Matt’s CPPS now?

I feel like Matt’s CPPS made a giant impact on the CPPS Community. It definitely did stand out from other servers. I’m not a big fan of AS3 servers, but Matt’s CPPS did not fail to catch my eye. I miss Matt’s CPPS, but things happen.

  • When did Matt’s CPPS close?

Matt’s CPPS closed sometime in late May 2016.

  • Why did Matt’s CPPS close?

Matt’s CPPS closed because Matt was unable to pay off the server any longer. Also, on top of that, he was losing interest in the community.

  • What was everybody’s general reaction about Matt’s CPPS closing?

A lot of the users were very upset to see such an amazing server go, especially the original ones from 2012. However, they realized that they have to accept things as they are. It took awhile, but we all learned to let Matt’s CPPS go.

Matt’s CPPS was always looking the best it could possibly be. Here are a few pictures of my own of when I would be hanging around with friends, and a few other pictures I found from awhile ago.

Here I am hanging out with a bunch of the old staff, along with Hess (EMILIA), one of Speedy’s Staff!
We love Matt’s CPPS! Here’s everyone having a good ‘ol time on the server.
Once again, here we are having a ton of fun on Matt’s CPPS, jamming out to the radio!
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Here’s a thumbnail from a Youtube video of the original Matt’s CPPS from 2012. As you can see, it grew to become a lot different then from what it is now.
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Hey, we posted about this! Here’s one of Matt’s CPPS custom backgrounds they had on the game.

What made Matt’s CPPS stand out from other servers as well was how they had several amazing custom items, such as the background displayed above. Let’s look at other features and such things of that matter that made Matt’s CPPS stand out from other servers.

Here’s a list of their features menu from 2015-2016! As you can see, you had a lot of options!
2012 Matt’s CPPS Playercards! It showed their age, and it had the BFF feature at the top!
Here’s a list of the features you could get with credits back in 2015-2016 and how much you could buy them for!

Let your Matt’s CPPS nostalgia flow in. Several of you played Matt’s CPPS, and this server always deserves recognition. Use this Thursday to remember Matt’s CPPS and how amazing of a server it was. We’ll forever remember you, Matt’s CPPS, and you’ll never be forgotten! Have a great Thursday and a great Thanksgiving, everyone!



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