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Hey everyone,

I’m sure all of you miss DadTopia. It was founded by Slick and Plant. The CPPS was released on August 17th, 2015. It was an AS2 server. Everyone could join it, but it was mainly based on a CPPS for dads! It was very custom, and it had amazingly well done custom rooms and items. It also had a VIP and credit system. After 4 hours of release on August 17th, they had an outcome of 241 registered users. They held fun contests and giveaways as well. Three other staff members I remember are LaylaEllen, and Todd. 

Let’s move onto the custom rooms.


Here was one of the custom rooms. I love the design of the town with the box dimensions as well as the colors that match the whole room. Here we see a purple sky, blue night club logo, and a dark blue + light purple clothes shop. I was very impressed.


Here’s another custom room, which was the Iceberg. The Iceberg was well-designed with igloo furniture, such as the snow chairs and the glass table. As you can see, they also added a bong to the table.


Now, last but not least, the Ski Lodge. As you can see, this part of the Ski Lodge had a custom design, and it’s definitely not for kids. It was made by their very talented owner, Plant.


Here’s a picture of the custom map they had. As you can see, they designed the map just like how it looked on the CPPS. It also doesn’t confuse the users, because most CPPSes don’t fix up their maps, causing confusion for the players if the rooms don’t look the same as they would on the map. Personally, I believe DadTopia did an amazing job on this part of their CPPS.


Here is one user who enjoys DadTopia. In fact, he says that it’s the best CPPS ever. Can you agree with that?

I hope you all enjoyed this post and thought how about how amazing DadTopia was until it closed. I wish you all a good day!



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