The Top 5 Must-have CPPS.me Custom Items!

Hey people!

We’re counting down the top 5 must-have custom items, over on CPPS.me!

These items are in no particular order, and we’ll make sure to tell you the item IDs, as we want you to engage in these trends!

1) Spectral Hoodie (ID 90003)

Dark purple is way cooler!

Use it to change the tone of your clothes, or wear it bare! This hoodie is like no other. This transparent hoodie serves the looks you’re trying to pull off, by darkening what is underneath. Try it by saying !Up a 90003 above your current body item, to see the difference.

2) Pink Tiara (ID 90041)

Pretty in pink!

The newest addition to the tiara family, joins both the dark and silver tiara to bring in a brand new color, pink! Pink looks elegant on whether boy or girl, with a brilliant shine it will certainly give your outfit a statement, because you’re a princess!

3) Black Quilted Vest (ID 90341)

Perfect to suit most outfits!

The black quilted vest (not to be confused with the black fishing vest) is dark and powerful. This vest matches well with most outfits, due to its tone and style. Rock it with a hoodie to give it an extra statement, or wear it standalone. This vest comes in a variety of colors, including white, grey & a trippy design (which is patched).

4) Trippy Spikes Background (ID 90318)

Woaaah trippy dude!

The moving spikes ain’t just all talk, it draws attention to your playercard, so much so you could catch yourself staring into your playercard for minutes! This creative gif-style background gives your playercard character. Who wouldn’t want a moving background? There aren’t many that actually move, and this is one of the rare few.

5) GaToR’s Yeezys (ID 90343)

daaaaaaaang! cool look mich, really digging it, u look amazing mich, like mich ur just soooooo amaazzzingggggg :insert hearteye emoji here:

How could we forget the feet items?? One of the most popular footwear lines to hit CPPS.me, are infact the Yeezys. Who doesn’t love a good yeezy? This stylish grey mixture of colors complete any outfit. This is the custom footwear of choice on CPPS.me, so make sure to rock on your yeezys!

Andddd that wraps up our list! Did we bump into an item you love, or did you think an item we didn’t mention beats these? Let us know in the comments!

Remember, if you are after an entire list of CPPS.me’s custom items, view the only full list on the interwebz, compiled by us, here.




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