The Scoop: April Fools Day

Happy April Fools Day!

In celebration, Speedy CPPSHQ has also gone in with the action, with a little twist flying around the blog. Have you noticed it?

But we’re not the only one, some CPPS’ have hit with their very own version of April Fools pranks. Let’s fly over to Mirai for starters.

Mirai’s interesting prank involves the direction your penguin moves. Once you first login, and click on a place in the room you want to travel, it will divert you in the opposite or random direction.

test123 pranks



Of course Mirai has been kind about this prank, the walking in the wrong direction will stop after a few mouse clicks, then displaying a you’ve been pranked pop-up.

Pure evil!

Mirai hasn’t been the only CPPS who have pulled a prank out of the hat to their users, CPPS.me has also followed in with the tradition. This unusual prank had a lot of users stunned when logging in, first thinking their accounts were hacked, only soon to notice that everyone was wearing the same thing.

Every user spawned with a face mask and t-shirt, of the one and only HookBot (Rob), which was glued onto their penguin.



This large-scale prank was not only interesting to watch, but also interesting to take part in, with every user becoming confused on who has taken over their penguin’s outfit.


The most interesting part of this prank, was if you removed the items, and changed rooms, the items would re-appear back onto your penguin. This is one nifty prank that won’t let you go. Thankfully there was some clarification to the users, to explain who this person was, featured on their faces.


CPPS.me users may also notice a heavy lag within the server, especially the town. When questioning a moderator on why the lag was evident, the response was to utilize another room. We are unsure what is causing this lag, but we have a feeling their latest prank is causing this slight issue.

That leaves us with our April Fool’s day coverage. Which prank did you enjoy the most? Vote in our poll below:

Which April Fool's Day prank did you enjoy the most?

  • Mirai (69%, 45 Votes)
  • CPPS.me (31%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 65

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