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For those who have been within the CPPS community, over the past few years may remember Rile5.com. Rile5 was not just a forum, but the home of the CPPS community. The forums featured the majority of the founding members of the Club Penguin Private Servers, a range of resources, releases, advertisements and much much more.

Unfortunately, after its first arrival in 2011, it later was shut down in 2015 with this notice still to this day, featured on the site:

But today, this is all about to change.

The Aureus team have been hard at work on a top-secret project over the past few months, even dropping a subliminal hint just yesterday, all leading to a restoration of the Rile5 forums which was just announced.

The entire Rile5 forums have been archived, opened for public viewing. Meaning, no modifications to the forums can be made, in order to preserve them. The Aureus team has gone into full detail as part of their launch announcement:

Today, Aureus strives to move forward with the community past the realm of antiquated Flash games and into a truly creative space. We created a technology and programming forum to provide the future of the community, past the time of Rile5. But we want to honor these roots. Rile5 holds a very special place in all of our hearts, and every staff member here remembers the good days of logging into it.

That is why now, we are announcing something that nobody has done before: we are releasing a public archive of the Rile5 forums to you, the community. This includes all of the posts Rile5 had public at the time of its closure, which totals more than 300,000. Nobody has laid eyes on these since its sudden shutdown in 2015, and we spent hours upon hours of effort to compile this archive. The Rile5 Archive is Aureus’ way of recognizing and thanking the important past of the community, as we look forward to the future. We hope that you will all find this educational and nostalgic, and that together we can appreciate the work of our predecessors and past selves.

The Rile5 Archive includes old sources, code snippets, advertisements, announcements, SpeedyCPPSHQ articles, introductions, and everything in between. This is now in read-only, even if you had an account, as our goal is to preserve the history– not modify it. Please join me in sifting through the hundreds of thousands of pieces of historical content on our famed predecessor at https://archive.aureus.pw/ today.

As always, thank you for participating in the Aureus community.

The Rile5 Archive is now LIVE. Awaiting to be explored – exactly how it was since we last saw it in 2015.

Aureus has reached out to us, for further comment. Here are some quick questions you may have, answered:

What do I have access to?

Users have access to everything on the forum, including the trusted section. This also includes all attachments and downloadable files.

How much content was recovered?

75% of all attachments/images/uploads were recovered and 100% of all posted content on the forums. (Which totals to over 300,000 posts).

Can I get my old account back?

No. Everything on the forums are read-only and open to everyone. This is so no modifications to the forums can be made.

What version of Rile5 is this?

This is the same version of the forums used the day Rile5 closed.

What was the goal of Aureus releasing The Rile5 Archives?

Although Aureus is focused on looking to the future (programming), we thought this was important to put out there so we could remember our past while moving forward.

Whether you are in search of a tutorial, seeking help for a solution, or simply an old member of the community wanting to feel nostalgia, your answers may lie here.

This certainly is a game changer, in bringing light to an integral part of CPPS history, and we highly recommend you check it out.

Visit The Rile5 Archive

Visit Aureus

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