The Olympics have arrived!

Hello there Young Athletes, may I join you on your marathon?

Starts running phew, this is exhausting!

Oh Hello there Speedy CPPSHQ’eins! Guess what??? ……  That’s right you guessed it! It’s time for Speedy CPPSHQ’s Olympic Games Twenty Twelve!


You must all know by now what this is, if not you’ve been living under a rock for the past three months, for those rock livers here is a brief in dot-point form, for your convenience:

  • Our CPPS Olympics will last for the whole of November.
  • Blog staff will host sport events, or activities on random CPPS’.
  • If you win an event by either coming 1st 2nd or 3rd, you will receive a medal.
  • When you receive a medal, you and your medals will be displayed on the medal tally.
  • The person who receives the most Olympic medals over this month, will win our Olympics!
  • The committees – Please view the page for the information about them.

I hope you understand it now..

Great, awesome, fantasticmarvelous, stupendousbrilliant, amazing.

Notice something about the Colours? – Our blog background, you may think the background is random, but it isn’t. Our theme colour’s for this years Olympics are indeed Orange & Green! 😉

Has your Olympic Design been selected to pop up on our blog? Let us know! If you want to make an Olympic design, head on over to the ‘Olympic Designs’ page, and submit one. Your’s could be chosen to represent our Olympics!

The latest Olympic event, hosted by our staff will be displayed under ‘Daily Notices’, which will be re-named to ‘Latest Olympic Event’. This is to get more users alertive when the latest event is on.

Thanks for getting through this Marathon, and I hope you get a move on and participate in our Olympics.

If there is anything confusing you, please visit the Olympic-Related pages, which does give you information and explains what things are.

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment bellow or contact me via any of the chats provided to you.

Have a fun, safe and happy Olympic Games!

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~ Speedy CPPSHQ Olympic games, where all the fun begins! ~


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