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A few hours ago, one of the owners of Flippr, DJFang released a statement on the Flippr Blog in regards to the direction Flippr is moving towards. We leave you with the statement:

Hello everybody.

DJFang here, most of you probably know me, for those who don’t – I’m the owner of Flippr, along with +Teddy. I’m here today to explain what’s been happening with Flippr’s team recently and why we’re closer to an end, which nobody would like to happen, yet soon it will become an imminent one.

Firstly, school’s almost there – just a few weeks! I’m going to be in my last year at high school, and after that as you probably know, it’ll be college time. That’s why I have been preparing all summer for that year and I have barely had the time to do anything Flippr-related (Ninja Party quests were an exception; I had finished them in May, just after I posted the sneak peeks). Now, most of you would say that I have a team that could help and keep Flippr alive. Sadly, this is no longer true. Right now, we have no developers, few mods, who occasionally log on just to check how’s it going, and we have one designer, who only does the newspaper (Sorcerer). That’s our team right now. There is nobody who can do the Sailors Party, which was planned to be a mixture of a Summer Party and a Pirate Party.

Consequently, there are no updates and therefore, no users. That’s basically the situation now.

If it doesn’t get any better, we have to make the heavy decision to close Flippr in early September and that’d be the end of a CPPS, started on February 13, 2014, that has a long history of ups and downs, which finishes in September 2016. Nothing else could be done then. Since neither Sandor, nor I will give the files to anybody, Flippr would be dead. Forever.

If though, you want to save the CPPS and you can design in Flash or write code, please go to http://support.flippr.eu, open a new ticket and apply for Flippr, we’d love you to join and help us.

Source: Flippr Blog

This isn’t good news for all you Flippr fans who adore the server!

Flippr has announced a closure time in early September, although has left a very important note. Flippr has stated that they are looking for anyone who can design in flash or write code. This may be the last measure of hope, in finding someone who can assist with the game. But unfortunately, if this does fail Flippr may evidently close.

This comes down to you, if you know anyone or simply want to show your support for the game. Get behind Flippr! If you are looking to apply for either of those positions, you can so, here.

We will be showing our support with #SaveFlippr on Twitter. We’re with you until the end, Flippr!

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