The End of an Era

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(as we’re grateful for what Club Penguin has brought us, we will be filling up this post with some popular CP screenshots that have been floating around!)

If you’ve been living under a rock – you may have missed the announcement of the desktop Club Penguin announcing its closure, and moving to mobile-only content. The world has reacted, the media has reacted, the internet has reacted, it’s time for our reaction – and what this could really mean for us.

Although, you may think this won’t affect us. We’re going to break things down on how this move will influence Club Penguin Private Servers and the reason for this move.

Let’s begin with the most important thing,  Flash.

As many of us already know, Club Penguin, CPPSes, and many other virtual games depend on Adobe Flash Player, as it is the plug-in that typically controls most animated content, games, videos, or graphics. Flash has been around for quite a long time, and over the years, it may have seemed to gain a reputation to become an outdated technology.

Outdated? There’s so much content relying on flash – why pull it?

You’re right there, but there is much more than that. With it becoming outdated, there has been a number of security issues arising with flash-based content. With the vulnerabilities becoming evident, browsers have been looking closely, and have begun pulling support for flash content. In some cases, blocking out all flash-based content by default, provoking you to manually unblocking it, or in other cases disabling it completely.

As you now know this, you will slowly see one of the reasons for Club Penguin’s closure and mobile-only content. Even though flash can be unblocked, it seems like they wouldn’t want to continue running a virtual game with the knowledge of what they’re relying on does have many security loopholes.

It is alleged Google Chrome will be the next browser to end flash support within their next update, forcing a block on flash content. Flash will still become bundled with chrome, but its presence will not be advertised by default, where users can manually switch flash on for individual websites.

For those who won’t know how to manually unblock flash for CPPSes, we will actively provide short tutorials to show you how you can continue playing your favorite CPPS, by unblocking flash.

With the departure of flash, we see HTML5 content taking the reigns and leading the way. We won’t go into detail, but you can read more about what HTML5 is, here.

We have been in talks with CPPS developers over the past few months, and we have heard of upcoming HTML5 virtual worlds on their way, but will not be CPPS-based. Speedy CPPSHQ will be providing you updates on these releases when they do occur, and continue to work with these developers in introducing something new to the community.

The Impact on CPPSes

The end of Club Penguin will definitely have positive impacts upon CPPSes. We are already anticipating for the CPPS community to widely grow, as many will soon discover CPPSes are relatively similar to Club Penguin.

We have already seen growing numbers of Club Penguin users joining popular servers such as CPPS.me, and Virtual Penguin, and we are expecting that number to grow even further when more and more users discover other CPPSes there are to offer.

Although these are early stages, members of the Club Penguin community seem to adjust quite easily to the CPPS community, so we do recommend if you do notice a new CPPS player around, help them out a little – because we’re a community which helps one another, and we want our newer players to feel just as welcome here.

Some servers have already taken steps to adjust to the newer user base, with some bigger CPPSes even taking steps in labeling the difference between their servers, to show which is recommended for adult/teens, and which are safe servers, to help those who may not like swearing, and prefer the Club Penguin approach.

Virtual Penguin recently introducing a distinguishment between their servers.
CPPS.me recently introducing a distinguishment between their servers.

You may soon see this across other servers, or similar adjustments to gain more appeal to Club Penguin players.

Speedy CPPSHQ will continue to work with CPPS developers in assisting in promoting their servers. We will continue to do everything in our power to bring you the latest CPPS news, and bring you brand new servers you can explore – so no, we will not be leaving anytime soon. Bookmark us!

We will also soon roll out new pages to further assist new CPPS players, with their favorite server – including tutorials; answering some common questions they may have about that server and general services which provide insight on where to go to get certain things, such as items, hex codes and command basics.

The only downside we see affecting the community is the departure of flash. Although this doesn’t eliminate users from playing CPPSes completely but will seem to be more challenging, especially to those who have little knowledge on how to unblock flash, and what this block actually means. Some may think it is a high-security risk and will refuse to unblock it, leaving for good, or others may become very confused and not know how to unblock flash. This could see us lose a large chunk of the market for current, and future CPPS players.

We don’t want this to happen – so it’s very important that you help our your friends, by sharing tutorials, or simply telling them how to whitelist a CPPS, when the time comes. A reminder that we will be pinning tutorials via posts and pages on our site, along with constant reminders and announcements for those who may be confused on how to do so.

Overall, we find it important to continue supporting your favorite server, and servers in general, as we do not want server owners to feel discouraged in creating new CPPSes.

We don’t want you to think of this as a bad thing, with newer members joining the community. We all started off the same, playing Club Penguin, then discovering the whole new world of CPPSes, let others have the same opportunity. We’re all chained to the same rhythm of a fun, safe and enjoyable environment.

We finally leave you with a comment Rocketsnail (the original creator of Club Penguin) tweeted out to what he thinks of Club Penguin Private Servers, which may inspire some CPPS developers.


He has also tweeted out his support for CPPSes in the past, so for those who may still seem skeptical about CPPSes, it has support from the creator of Club Penguin, himself!

That leaves us with it. We hope you enjoyed this very different post & liked the random screenshots!




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