The arrival of Penguin Paradise!

Roam the lands of 2008-2010 CP with this non-stop nostalgia ride: Penguin Paradise. This brings us back into the time when Club penguin was in its prime. We’ve seen this before in countless CPPSes but what makes this one different is the fact that there will be custom items, parties, pins and more. This could bring about numerous ways to expand and explore.

Only just having launched, Penguin Paradise has working stamps, games and two custom items only available during the beta, which will end today at 5:30 PST. They also have working mascots which will come on at random times:

The two custom items that have been featured in the beta are the beta blue colour:

And the beta pin:These are only the first custom items, in what hopefully will spiral into a mesh of original and creative designs.

The staff consists of: Gizmo (main owner), Lonifar (head developer), PandaWarrior (designer) and Chonie84 (financial expert).

Make sure to check out this nostalgia-filled Paradise!

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Thanks, Leo.



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