The 2018 Penguin Oasis Prom is on TONIGHT!

Hi guys,

Penguin Oasis has kept to its tradition, holding a prom for 2018 – which is on tonight!

For those who may not be aware of the origin, back in 2015, Oasis hosted a Prom event! This event was a hit, with tickets on sale, customized prom rooms, a live radio player & hidden surprises! A great fan-video capturing the prom highlights, can be found here.

The Oasis Prom was one of the most popular events in Oasis history, so much so, it even returned last year!

Some key features of the prom were:

  • Customized exclusive rooms, only available to prom ticket holders.
  • Live music broadcasted to all users!
  • Photobooth – enter the booth with friends to save a prom memory, and be given an exclusive photobooth card.
  • Exclusive gift for attendees.
  • Live voting for Prom King, Queen & Best Dressed.
  • Interactive control room – see the staff manage the prom from behind the scenes.
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd ceremonies for King, Queen & Best Dressed occurring at hourly intervals throughout the night.
  • Balloons replace snowballs within all prom rooms. Confetti replaces snowballs within the Plaza at the entrance at the prom.
  • Fun, fun & more fun!

The news of the prom return was announced on Twitter, with the prom date being set on:

TONIGHT (Saturday May 26), 8:00 PM EST

And the prom color theme being:

Red & Silver

Now that we’ve established there will be a prom, it’s time to think out how are you going to be allowed to enter the prom. You need tickets of course! A generic single prom ticket will cost 5,000 credits, but Penguin Oasis has thought of a better way to make pre-prom a whole lot more fun by introducing…. Promposals!

Promposals are exactly what the name suggests, a proposal to the Penguin Oasis Prom! You can finally pop the question, by creating a spectacle for everyone to see! To purchase a single ticket or promposal, you must head on over to the ticket booth at the Plaza. Prom tickets can only be purchased via the ticket booth.

Upon entering the booth, you will be prompted with either an option to choose between the two promposals for you and your prom date or purchase a single ticket for yourself, if you plan on going to the prom alone.

Making sure you have enough credits to make a promposal or single ticket purchase, make note of the costs below:

  • Single Ticket – x1 (ONE) Single ticket for yourself to enter the Penguin Oasis Prom. 5,000 credits.
  • Promposal (first time buyer) – x2 (TWO) Two tickets to enter the Penguin Oasis Prom, one for you, and one for your prom date + promposal animation of your choosing. 12,000 credits.
  • Promposal (second time buyer) – x1 (ONE) Single ticket for your prom date to enter the Penguin Oasis Prom (as you have purchased a promposal before, and already
    have a ticket for yourself
    ) + promposal animation of your choosing. 7,000 credits.

Please note: If your prom date rejects your promposal, or already has a ticket, you will automatically be refunded the cost of a single prom ticket, which is 5,000 credits.

Now that we’re aware of the costs, you can now buy a promposal – simply select one of the options, and then confirm the purchase.

After making note of the guidelines of that the purchase is final, and cannot be transferred or refunded, you can now choose anybody you would like (except yourself) to ask out to the prom, making sure that they’re currently online & are in the same room as you. You can then send them a promposal by clicking on the red flower icon, in the top left of their playercard.

Remembering you can only use this icon if you have purchased a Promposal beforehand.


After promposing, your selected promposal will appear to all users within the room.

Now we know you’re super keen on seeing what the two promposals look like, so let’s take a glimpse at the promposals you can choose from.

Your first option, involves a brown puffle, an airplane & a banner. What does this all mean? Let’s put this into action and see what exactly this promposal entails:

A brown puffle flying an airplane with a prom banner across the room is one of the cutest ways into asking someone out to the prom, you can’t resist that puffly goodness! Or can you? This next promposal features 5 handsome blue penguins, holding up signs – in formation! Say what? Let’s take a look:

You’d be forgiven to think this was a bot attack! P R 👁 M anyone?

Now after the promposal animation appears, the prom date you pick out will get a pop-up notification, in the top left of their screen represented with a flower icon, stating who asked them out to the prom, with a yes or no selection option.

If they accept, you will receive an acceptance message, and your prom date will receive a free ticket to the prom!

Although, if they do reject, you will instead receive a rejection notice.

Now that we’ve covered promposals, we understand some of you may not have enough credits to purchase a promposal. Don’t worry, there is always the old fashion way – and we’re here to help!

Sit back, take notes, and see our following examples on how not to, and how to ask your crush to the Penguin Oasis Prom.

The WRONG way to ask someone to the prom:

The RIGHT way to ask someone to the prom:

You may also be interested in double-checking if you have a prom ticket. This can be done by clicking on your player inventory, selecting other items, and clicking on the Awards tab. You will then see a blue ticket within your inventory, meaning you have a ticket to the Penguin Oasis Prom!

Also, a prom-inspired emote can be found when saying “Prom?“. This will change to the emote version! Test it out!

There’s lots to come on Penguin Oasis, and of course – you can’t miss the prom TONIGHT! We hope to see you there!

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