Temporarily Closed.

Hey guys,

Speedy CPPSHQ is now closed for the rest of the year, and also closed on the 1st & 2nd of January.

This is to give our staff a short break from posting, and also give us time to allow updates to the blog to take place.

To all staff:  Please do not post anything during this period of time. You may still use out chats to keep in touch with friends, if you want to.

To all users:  Although we are closed, you can still visit out site, by looking at our pages or past posts if required. Not all comments will be approved, so you may have to wait until the closure time is up, for your comment to be approved.

Also if you do comment on the MyCPPS List, you will have to wait till 2013, to be added up there, or it may be added during the closure time.

Have a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year – from All Speedy CPPSHQ Staff.

If you do have anything important that you may need to contact me about, you are more then welcome to contact me via Twitter, The ServCPPS Community or PC me on the Chatango Shoutbox by clicking on my name, or you may also do the same with other staff members.

See you back on January 3rd!

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