Super’s Interview

Today I have nailed  an interview with GalaxyCP’s Super! Let’s see what he has to say about Galaxy.

Camden: What do you and the team plan to do with Galaxy?

Super:  We have a lot of plans for the future, such as events and unique features. Can’t say more for now though!

Camden: Could you tell us what sort of events?

Super:  Our events will be 1) Revivals of old club penguin events (until we make a party changer) and 2) Events to celebrate some special occasion, such as a 10.000 user party. Those events will also have custom rooms and items added!

Camden: How long have you been working on Galaxy?

Super:  Galaxy contains a lot of features made for my previous CPPS, SuperCP. If you include the time I worked for SuperCP, its 5 months.

Camden: Could you tell us the kind of features that we can expect in the future?

Super:  A font changer for both usernames and bubbletext, playercard music, party changer, and some more stuff which I can’t share right now.

There you have it, you can expect some pretty amazing features from GalaxyCP in the very near future, and maybe some awesome events!

You can visit GalaxyCP here.