SuperCPPS: Returning Very Soon!


SuperCPPS, a famous Spanish CPPS which is currently in its v3 is officially set to make its return, after a brief discussion about this new project with Otta the Owner of SuperCPPS. He gave me a glimpse of SuperCPPS, which I’ve been authorized to release publicly, so here they are!

f9fd10c7f2b84b53bd61f984362d1141Custom Town created only for SuperCPPS, on this special occasion of Halloween! It has been made to give users the Spooky experience. The leaves, the placing of Jack-O-Lanterns are all perfectly done, which would surely attract users! Moving on, let’s check out the Forest.


Lots to explore on SuperCPPS! The emoji showcasing the logo gives it an even more customized view and will definitely attract users. Any guesses on what that X means? We’ll figure that later. Last, let’s check out their new Playercard Interface.


Beautifully made interface! It not only has a vibrant look to it, but the overall sketch of interface is neat. Wondering when SuperCPPS will release? After discussing with Otta, he has informed us that SuperCPPS is set to release publicly on October 15th 2016. However, the release may be shifted if any game breaking bugs are found. I also requested Otta to provide more information about SuperCPPS, so here’s what he had to say:

SuperCPPS is a dynamic and fast CPPS, which will focus on new users who are curious and everyone is invited. SuperCPPS has everything available so that users are comfortable. We have new rooms, originals of our own, new mascots and puffles.

What makes SuperCPPS stand out?

What makes it better, is the wide range of options available. For example, you may gift another user, on parties you can collect original clothing and win awards. Our server has good protection and our database is also secure and the overall security of the game is top-notch. We also have active staff member’s online to help around and make SuperCPPS fun and safe for everyone.
Well that’s all for now folks! We’ll keep the community updated when we get any news from SuperCPPS. Have a Spooky week and a fun-filled Halloween!


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