SuperCPPS – Medieval Party Soon + “BIG announcements”

Hey everyone,

SuperCPPS has recently announced the arrival of the upcoming Medieval Party and a Secret Project that they’ve almost finished working on!

Starting with the Medieval Party – While there isn’t much information yet, SuperCPPS has confirmed that the Party will be starting on the 17th of March! At the time of writing this post it is not known how long the party will last, It could easily go for a week or two, but if they’re going with a Club Penguin styled approach, possibly even longer!

The SuperCPPS blog entry on the party states that users have been requesting sneak peeks of parties, it looks like SuperCPPS have delivered!

A Sneak Peek posted on the SuperCPPS twitter, this appears to be a custom room combining multiple aspects of the medieval parties throughout the years.

Since the Sneak Peek they posted is definitely custom it’s fair to assume we might run into more custom features and rooms at the party! While I don’t have any more information about the Medieval Party, I still have one more thing to share! –

In the same blog entry, SuperCPPS have announced that exactly one day after the Medieval Party hits the island (March 18th) that they’ll be launching their very own social network! This will be linked to all accounts registered with SuperCPPS and is designed – and works similarly to twitter!

            A Sneak Peek Posted On SuperCPPS’s blog. Can you see the resemblance to twitter?

Below the sneak peek, SuperCPPS provided information for further clarification:

  • The users registered on SuperCPPS, can access the social network with THEIR ACTUAL ACCOUNT. Not necessary registering again!!

  • The social network works similarly to Twitter

  • The users could personalise their home’s background.

  • You can create Hashtags personalised and see if it becomes a tendency!

  • It will be available, in English and Spanish.

  • You can change your password from the Social network



Well guys, what do you think? It’ll be interesting to see just how customised SuperCPPS’s Party is! The social Network they’ll be launching is definitely intriguing too! If you’d like to view the blog entry referenced in this post you can view it here.






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