SuperCPPS: Important Announcement

Hi everyone,

Dev here! To get started, SuperCPPS made an important announcement a few days ago saying about how they’ll maintain the stability of their servers with some new updates of course. However, if they fail, they’ll have to use a new system for SuperCPPS. Which includes:

  • Wiping all user accounts
  • They will also re-program all dates for future events, updates or parties
  • The commands will be  available on the new system, but it is not guaranteed that all commands will be available during the time of re-opening.

If they manage to make the servers stable:

  • They’ll of course keep all the user accounts
  • No commands or any function will be affected
  • Items, party or events will not  re-program

However, during October 28th to November 7th the server might be unstable and you might experience connection problems.

You might be wondering that where is the Halloween party? Well, here is your answer:

  • They’ll keep the programmed events for the party, the new party has already begun.
  • You’ll still be able to look out for Dj Maxx until November 7th or maybe November 10th if they manage to stabilize their servers.
  • Starting from yesterday, you’ll be able to encounter the NEW Someone KIlled the DJ character.
  • To celebrate the arrival of Halloween, they plan on hosting a massive event where every team members will attend.

But, for now you can access SuperCPPS using your normal account details. Here is a picture of their important announcement containing all the details:

I hope they really manage to stabilize their servers for better experience for you all!  Have a great and a spooky Halloween, until then.


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