SuperCPPS has Transformed!

Hey everyone,

Did you know that SuperCPPS was originally a Spanish server? If you have, you might have been disappointed for not being able to play because you aren’t fluent with the language. Fortunately, things are about to change.

For a while now, SuperCPPS has had an English server. Isn’t that amazing? To give you the basic foundation of this, the server is very similar to the Spanish one. What is unique is that you have the option to change your eyes, the color of your snowballs,  and even choose someone as your best friend, or marry them. However, there are a few problems in which you might stumble upon, such as the manager being translated in Spanish.

A thing that I truly admire about the game is how you are able to play games. Although you earn coins at the end, there is no purpose in playing games because the items (ex: clothes) are free.

Struggling in Bean Counters

Not only is the English server now in place, but a blog is too! I suppose that the team will be posting every once in a while for their updates, for the Spanish section as well.

On the English site, the staff and support page is currently in maintenance. If you are in a hurry to contact them, their social media pages will be linked at the end of the post.

What are you waiting for? Come and join the fun on either the English or Spanish SuperCPPS. I cannot wait for the upcoming excitement, hopefully.

Until then!


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