SuperCPPS has Released!

Hello Everybody,

SuperCPPS has officially released and boy, it’s certainly a custom server! As soon as this CPPS released to the public, I decided to register myself an account. SuperCPPS is more of a Spanish server, but all languages are welcome. So far from being on the server, I can definitely confirm that the players are all indeed very nice players.

The sneak peeks and the general tweets from SuperCPPS were all definitely worth the wait! Wait until you get a load of the town and what it looks like, which will be fully shown at the end of this post! Here’s their custom beta hat and believe me, they’re only going to be around for a limited amount of time.

It looks pretty neat if I can say so for myself. On top of this, they have live support! This should certainly come in handy for any penguin who’s in need of help when no staff are around.

Besides this, if you ever want to change your password or if you have forgotten it along with your email, you’re allowed to do that. When you try to login on the play page, it will ask you something in Spanish that should translate to something along the lines of Forgot your Password?. Changing your details is easy and this makes it certain that you won’t lose your account.

SuperCPPS will continue to develop and become more custom as time goes on. They are always taking suggestions, so if you’re willing to bring up anything you want to see in this amazing Spanish CPPS, go ahead and contact them! Believe me, the staff are very friendly and the players are incredibly nice. They seem to have a few things to do for users here and there so you won’t get bored (such as finding the hidden custom pin).

SuperCPPS with it’s release have already come so far and they have not even been out for that long yet. Come join both myself and other Speedy CPPSHQ Staff on the game! I promise you will not regret it.

Everyone smile!

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