StarPenguin: Off-Limits or Closed?

Hey Everyone,

Jennifer here with some rather upsetting news. StarPenguin, the French CPPS, has decided to (temporarily?) close down. I’m not sure how long they will be gone, but this event seemed to take place about 2 weeks ago. Nobody knows if they are coming back or not, but of course, hearing this is truly a horrible thing. I decided to check out their Twitter to see what was up. I don’t speak French, so I pulled out a translator and I saw two rather long tweets —

I’m sure you’re super confused from reading the displayed text above, so let me explain. In this specific tweet, StarPenguin announced that starting sometime later, they would close for a rather long time. I’m unsure if they’ve said their goodbyes forever or not, but if so, we all certainly know StarPenguin was a rather unique, amazing CPPS to have around for the time being! Now, moving on to their last tweet —

In this tweet, they remind the readers that tonight the game will be closed down and that they recommend everyone to buy as many outfits as you can in the fashion catalog for the time being.

Now, whenever I try to go to StarPenguin’s website, I’m both given and redirected to this page —

From the image shown, it looks like they’ve put their blog on private. Only certain people can go on it. Is this the end of StarPenguin?

The staff over here at Speedy CPPSHQ believe StarPenguin may be down for good at this point. I truly hope the game comes back one day — if not, having StarPenguin around was certainly a pleasure. We will miss you — and that’s for certain. StarPenguin will be remembered for as long as it lives, and even after it’s death.



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