StarPenguin: Nature Expedition

Hey everyone,

StarPenguin, the French CPPS is back with a new event that they hope everyone will enjoy — Nature Expedition. It will be ending on July 2nd. With this party going on, you can go on fun activities and try out some very rewarding tasks while also winning some cool prizes. When you login to the CPPS, you are instantly greeted by Aunt Arctic welcoming you & briefly explaining to you about what Nature Expedition is all about.


Moving on, it seems the CPPS has added a few tweaks and neat looking tools to try here and there. When you enter upon the town, you notice a huge change rather than how it usually looks. With the trees and extra greenery, they had definitely nailed the nature theme. Let me show you right now. —


Oops! Let’s not mind the transformation that I added before-hand, but wait! What’s that little green tree symbol that’s on the top right? I’m a bit curious myself, so let’s click on it and find out.


Oh, hey! This looks quite interesting to take part in. In this activity, you are supposed to go on a scavenger hunt to retrieve lost objects of nature. At the bottom of each picture, it tells you where each item is located. That doesn’t seem too hard. Let’s go find one! Also, on the the bottom left, there are custom items that you can purchase to wear during your hunt or just for fun and some rooms that were specially designed that you can go to. —


Finally…I found an object! It seems that you can find the objects by playing a game located where the little wooden house is. Let’s check out what I discovered–


Pretty neat, right? I won’t be spoiling what prize you can get after you find all the lost objects, so let your curiosity get the best of you and start hunting! It will be worth the time. StarPenguin has put in a lot of effort to plan out this event, so come check out it out and while at it, see what the CPPS itself has to offer as I am certainly enjoying them myself. You definitely won’t regret going on!

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