Spotlight: uberPenguin’s Custom Items


Hi guys!

Katie here to do a spotlight on uberPenguin’s new custom items!

Custom items from what I’ve heard have always been a user favorite, adding a bit of personality to the user’s penguin. Uber has taken up on that offer, showing off it’s new custom shirts, hoodies, hand items, and more!

These items can be obtained with coins, and coins can be gained by playing games all around Uber, or from giveaways.

Some featured items look like this:spotlight

Personally, I think they’re all amazing, unique, and good-looking for anyone. They all have a nice, normal-looking cutout, with some hints of Uber’s creative and modern personality. It’s pretty simple to purchase them, but…


I am not worthy of obtaining such glory.

Anyhow, I think that the flames are the coolest custom item I have seen so far, which is probably why it’s ranked so high up with the coins. These items, however, may be used with item hue. Yay!

All users have the option to enter for a raffle whenever one may roll around, but not everyone is guaranteed to win.

So, in conclusion, I absolutely love the modern theme of Uber’s custom items, and I hope more of them come around!

Over and out,



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