Spotlight: uberPenguin UI

Salutations Penguins,

Today’s Spotlight will highlight uberPenguin’s Interface and their unique characteristics. As you see from the picture below, this sleek feature is very different and can be easily obtainable as you see from the pictures. The interface is very clean and unique and the overall design is semi-transparent and everything can be done by a touch of one button. It also offers a genre of components which is easy for the player to access.



On your left hand side you have the map — by clicking this you can easily access any part of uberPenguin. For example — The Town, Plaza, Beach, Cove, Dojo, Forest, Lighthouse, Mine, Ski Hill, Lodge, Snowforts, Hockey Rink & Iceberg.


Moving further to right we have Quick Chat icon which can be used to send quick messages.


The Emoji icon, and who does not like emoji’s because I sure do. It never fails to impress anyone.


The Penguin icon is next and with this your penguin can dance, sit and wave as seen from the picture below.

The Snowball icon allows the penguin to throw snowballs at a target and everyone loves a good snowball fight.


The Badge icon shows the player the playercard.


The Smiley Face icon shows how many buddies you have, and we all need friends right! This icon will also tell the player if their friends are online or offline.


The House icon is next and takes your penguin to your igloo where he or she can kick back and relax or just enjoy some peaceful time away from the penguin world.


The Question Mark icon allows the use to see the settings. The settings shows the days old of your penguin and how many buddies you have. The player can also mute the music and manage his or her account. There is also an ignore button just in case if you don’t want some headstrong penguin bothering you. screenshot_8

Well guys, I have a limousine to catch so hope you enjoyed reading and this is Hess signing off until next time — bye ya’ll!



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