Spotlight: ToxicCP

Hey everyone!

Today, I am going to do a spotlight on the web manager of ToxicCP. The web manager has a secure login page, settings to manage your penguin , store to buy VIP, search to search other penguins and server stats where you can check if the servers are down or not! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start!


When you go to the main domain you’ll first have to login using your username, password and a secret pin. Make sure you have an account! I also love the way the login form was designed and the background is really attractive!


When you successfully login, you’re redirected to the home page where the game loads for you to login! Anyway, let’s get started with the Search page where you can search your desired user. I love how the search bar displays detailed information and it also displays all the item the penguin is wearing! Cool right?

The Server displays basic information such as the server stats of the game server and the login server. It also displays the registration count of how many users they have, and did you notice? If the game and login server is offline, how come one user is online? I guess this is a glitch which I hope they fix it soon!




At last, the Settings page allows you to change your email and your password in just a click without any problem!


Thank you for reading my post and I am very excited for Christmas! Are you?


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