Spotlight: ToxicCP

Hey everyone!

Today, I decided to do a spotlight on ToxicCP and the stuff  I am going to do a spotlight is on their beaks and the web design they made for Christmas!


That is one of my favorite beaks! I love how the penguin has an angry emotion, and the beak number was nineteen. Let’s try another number.

That’s one of the funniest beak  I ever saw in a CPPS’! That’s not the only beak, they’ve lots of beaks to offer, from one to nineteen by just using a simple command !beak 1-19. But, you’ll have to be a VIP to use the beak command.

Web design

When you visit the  domain, you’ll see some new changes  for Christmas. They changed their login form, background and also added snow flakes.  I love how they remade the website into a Christmas themed website, it really looks good.

When you login successfully with your account details, you can see they changed their loading screen and also changed the navigation bar’s color to red to make it look like a Christmas themed website.


Thank you for reading my post. I really love the design changes they made to their website and also how they added new fun beaks for your penguin to use.


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