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John here and today I will be talking about +Penguin and it’s penguin menu. In my opinion, a penguin menu is a rather cool idea, because instead of having all these commands (for example, !NC #FFFFFF and such), +Penguin made commands simple, making it loved by all it’s users! So, today we will be going more into the feature and we will explain it’s job.

To start off, this is what it looks like and where it is on the chat dock shown below:

There are a lot of options to choose from! Let’s start from “Penguin” through “Edit Player”. Basically, the “Penguin” provides color, glow, size, rotate and transparency. Let’s start going through these features. “Penguin” – “Color” –

WOW! Many colors to choose from! I would actually love to point out that instead of using hex codes, it provides with all these colors and very specific ones too. It saves so much time! Moving on to “Penguin” – “Glow”. Oh no! Unfortunately, “Penguin Glow”, “Rotate” or “Name glow strength” does not work on this CPPS. I have briefly skimmed through the features and it is only those three that do not work. Let’s move onto “Penguin” – “Size” –

I’m telling you, this is amazing! It gives you the different percentages of the sizes you can do, and you can also use the command. For example, !size 100 100 makes you normal-sized. Up next, “Penguin” – “Transparency” –

Wow! Can you see me?! So, just like the size, the transparency has percentages for you to choose from for yourself. Wow! We finished “Penguin”. Now let’s do Penguin Trail! “Penguin Trail” – “Glitter” –

Wow! It looks like little cubes! This feature has the same color list. You guys will actually be noticing in the upcoming features that the color list is added with feature. Next, “Penguin Trail” – “Fog” –

Wow! Doesn’t it look like the penguin is farting (haha)?! This feature is no different from the glitter, the only difference is the appearance. But personally, the fog is my favorite. Looks like we’re done with “Penguin Trail”, now let’s go onto “Walk Speed” – “Slow” –

Woah! It’s like a snail! I think this feature is pretty cool, as well as “Fast” and “Teleport”. There are various commands for speed, being “Teleport”, “Slow”, and more. I’ve seen !speed 1-120, which goes from slow to fast, like !teleport and !slow. To be honest, the slow is pretty good for races and it’s fun while doing it. Next up, “Walk Speed” – “Normal” –

This is just the normal penguin walk. Nothing special! Which is useful, if you don’t like teleport, slow, or even speed. I personally don’t use normal anymore. I’m used to speed. Speaking of speed, next up, “Walk Speed” – “Fast” –

I personally love this one! It’s smooth and simple. A lot of users use fast from what I’ve seen — and teleport. In my opinion, it’s more comfortable than normal because it’s kind of slow compare to teleport and fast. This is pretty fast, but the teleport is faster, you’ll see. Next up is “Walk Speed” – “Teleport” –

It’s like having powers! I love teleport also, I use it often along with fast. It’s a great feature. Looks like we’ve finished Walk Speed, now let’s move onto “Penguin Ring” – “Color” –

Really nice! I personally don’t use this, but I’ve seen others who have and I believe it’s a creative feature. Next up, “Penguin Ring” – “Type” –

In my opinion, this is pretty cool! I don’t use it but it looks neat. There are different choices, so I will screenshot each.





Looks like we’re done with Penguin Ring. Next up is “Mood” – “Color” –

I like this! This is the same thing for name glow and name color, but it’s for mood. Next up is “Mood” – “Glow” –

This is pretty nice! If you want to write something for your status (for example “I’m sexy :)” — lol), and you’re wanting to keep it decorative, put some glows! We’re finished with Mood. Next up is, “Bubble” – “Color” –

The bubble color is pretty famous on CPPSes, just like name glow. So here it is! Now next up, “Bubble” – “Text Color” –

Nice! Next up “Bubble” – “Pointer Color” –

Beautiful! So, the pointer color is simply the lower part of the bubble. I guess it’s a called a pointer because of the little pointer it has showing that it’s from my penguin, like I’ve shown. Most CPPSes don’t have that feature, it’s usually only the bubble color. In my opinion, it’s pretty rare to find the pointer color in most CPPSes. Finished Bubble, now moving onto “Name” – “Color” –

Alright, so name color and name glows are pretty famous as well as bubble color. I see it on every CPPS I have played. Some you need to pay for. For example, CPPS.me, but others you don’t have to pay for, like +Penguin! Alright, moving onto “Name” – “Glow” –

Awesome! Alright, since we’ve finished Name, Next up is “Title” –

Wow! Now let’s move onto “Title” – “Color” –

This is legit so cool! Now, lets move onto “Title” – “Glow” –

Aye! Alright, done with Title, moving on to “Buy Clothing” –

That’s literally awesome! This penguin menu has it all! Now let’s see if it appeared in my inventory —

Sweet! Now let’s move on to “Walk on Walls” –

Awesome! I’m familiar with the command !wow because it stands for walk on walls, but this?! This is just WOW for me. Finally, the last feature, “Edit Player” –

Awesome! I guess since the blue penguin is supposed to stand for your player card, I guess they added it! Simply amazing.

FINALLY! WE HAVE FINISHED THE +PENGUIN PENGUIN MENU! I absolutely love how the penguin menu was added to this. I spent a large amount of time doing this and enjoyed doing this because I know that you guys will be reading this post, and I want you guys to learn how to use it if you ever find it on a CPPS. Thank you guys so much for spending your time reading this extremely long post, and I’m sorry that some of the features didn’t work (as I mentioned above) and you guys couldn’t see how they worked. BUT, the good thing is I got more than half of the features done! I would absolutely love to give a shoutout to Insanity and *elana for playing this CPPS, telling me that they recommend it for everyone and it’s absolutely awesome! Take their word? Start playing now! I’ll leave the link below. Until next time!

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