Spotlight: +Penguin

Hey people!

Today, I am going to do a spotlight on +Penguin and spotlight their chatbar because it gives you a lot of options to edit your penguin and of course do a lot of amazing things. Lets start, shall we?

As you can see the chatbar offers you a lot of things to edit your penguin with such as mood, bubblecolor, buy items and lots more!

Awesome right? When you move your mouse over to the the first option named Penguin. After that you see some options to change your penguin color, change your penguin glow, change your penguin size, rotate your penguin and change your Transparency.

At the Penguin trail seems like you can fog or glitter to your penguin! When you either click on fog or glitter it gives you a option to choose your favourite color or you can just add a custom hex code! Lets move onto the next one, shall we?

Can you guess what feature it is? Yes, it is Walk on walls! It gives you some options to increase or decrease your penguin speed from slow to fast or you can even use the teleport which makes your penguin even more faster.

The next one is the Penguin Ring which allows you to change your ring type and color by using the following options type and color. When you click on color it gives you tons of color to choose from just like the glitter and the fog feature! The type? Are you wondering what does it do? Yes, it allows you to change your ring type like dashed, dotted, messy, splatter or else you can just revert back to normal by clicking default.

Can you guess the next one? Yes, it is the Mood feature! A simple feature which every CPPS has, but this mood system is awesome. Why? Because it lets you select mood glow or mood color without using a command!

Another one is named Bubble Color which allows you to change your pointer, text color and your bubble color without any problem!

The next one is a command that infact every CPPS has and it is named Name which allows you to change your name color, nameglow and a great unique feature named glow strength.

The next one is the Title feature where you can change your title’s glow or color without using a command which is really helpful.

My most favourite feature I was waiting for is named Buy Clothing. When you click on it a prompt comes up displaying all the items and it is also with a search box where you can type a item name and it will search it for you without any problem! Cool one, right?

The next feature is that everyone wants to use is named Walk on walls! When you click on it a prompt comes up saying ‘Your ability to walk on walls has been toggled.’

The last simple feature which only opens your playercard is named Edit Player.

Now, do you know why chatbar is my favourite of all? Yes, because it allows you to do a lot of things and of course help you in a lot of things.





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