Spotlight: OldCP’s Rooms


Today’s spotlight: We’ll discuss the unique rooms made only for OldCP! – one of the best role-play servers out there. First, I’ll start off with the North side of OldCP, which can be accessed by clicking the mountains, as shown below:

screenshot_28When you click the mountains, a new map should open, and it will look like this:


Check out the Blizzard Fort! This room can be accessed by using the command /jr blizzardfort or by using this map. Don’t know where the Fort is? No worries, have a look at the picture below:


Now, you know how to visit Blizzard Fort, but maybe you want to see how it looks? Well, I got you covered!


Did you know that a group named Forest Boys from OldCP were seen hunting here? We also have heard they’ve had a bad background. Well, it’s all a mystery for now, but we will explore for much more! Let’s check out the Frost Castle next.

screenshot_32Clicking the icon will take you to the Frost Castle, let me show you how it looks.


I feel something bad has happened here in the past. But that’s a mystery which is left to be explored, secrets left to be disclosed. Someone needs to find all of these secrets. Well, let’s not tickle our brains too much, and let’s check out the Great Forest next.


A perfect spot to play hide & seek or just chill with your friends! It has a beautiful, user-friendly design I should say! Moving on, let’s check out the Stavros Keep.

screenshot_55Clicking this icon on the North Map will take you to the room.


You must’ve seen a room similar to this, right? It seems to be the base of the House Forreste. I think it has a very ancient look to it. Next let’s check out the Coldfort.

screenshot_40We’ll all be waiting to eat some food here and occasionally mission planning too! Let’s check out the North Docks now.

screenshot_41Clicking it will provide you access to the room. Let’s see the room itself or will it deny access?

screenshot_42Oops! Seems like its off limits, but what could be the reason? We’ll figure it out very soon! Let’s check out the Rnsail Castle. Dedicated to the creator of Club PenguinRocketsnail also known as Lance Priebe to many.


Clicking the icon, will take you to the Courtyard of the Castle.

screenshot_44Very unique and modern design, I must say! This room provides the path to the Bank, Library and Throne! Today we check out only one of them, which is the Throne.


This is one of my favorite rooms. Looks familiar? Well, have you ever watched the tv series Games Of Thrones? and seen the Great Hall? This room looks similar to it and it has taken a lot of effort into making this room, but it has all paid off! All the sessions and important events usually take place only in this room. We now check out the Drake Hall.


When you click it, you’ll be sent to the Joust room, where all jousts take place. Let’s check out this piece of art.


This is where everyone fights using swords and guns, the much loved features of OldCP! Once you die here, you may or may not be revived. Finally, let’s head over to the door here.


This will lead you to the Drake Hall, where you can see the pictures of Damen Drake and Sriram Drake.


This is where all discussions and missions related discussions take place, it seemed like only yesterday that someone was planning an attack here! Hovering over the two pictures will show the names of the user who is in it.


Damen Drake, the founder of OldCP and it’s current co-owner alongside Luke.


Sriram Drake, who foolishly killed himself by logging on his main account, but let’s not disrespect someone here.

Wrapping up this post now, I hope you enjoyed reading! Be sure to keep your eyes on SpeedyCPPSHQ for more news and information. Have a spooky weekend!


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