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Hello everybody,

Jennifer here with a rather different post. Today, we will be zooming in on a feature on OldCP that is used very much and loved by all. This feature goes by the name of the Account Editor. The Account Editor’s name explains it all — you can edit your account using it. It’s kind of like a manager, but at the same time, it’s kind of not, since it has features that you wouldn’t exactly find in a manager itself. Anyway, let’s start digging into this topic.

Of course, to start off this post on the right foot, I’ll show you what it looks like, and how you open it —

Wow! There certainly is a lot of options to choose from! Let’s begin one by one, and what I mean by that is we will start off by checking out the Better Clothes button. Basically, this feature is used to find items to put on your penguin without needing the item ID itself. It’s very handy and it makes dressing up your penguin very simple! —

Awesome! Could it get any more easier than this?!

Moving on, let’s investigate into the Listen To Radio button. Upon clicking it, a new tab automatically opens up, showing the radio —

Looking neat, that’s for certain!

Moving forward, let’s look at the Transforms button. This is mainly used to buy awesome features. The currency in the game is gold, in which 400 gold can be earned per hour, just for being active. Keep in mind, a lot of things in the store are quite expensive! Let’s go check it out —

Woah! Would you look at that?! Features inside of features!

Of course, the buttons on the side are self-explanatory as well. Get Gold is an easy button to figure out — you can get more gold using real money, or you can have a friend transfer you some gold. How much gold do I have? — this is yet another button, showing you the amount of gold you currently have.

Now, let’s dive into the Go to a Igloo button. This feature is used to go to anyone’s igloo. Yes, it is currently bugged, but I don’t see the harm in checking it out —

Hey, well, at least it brings you to some sort of weird room!

Very interesting! Now, let’s see what’s up with the Change Snowball feature. OldCP has a bunch of different snowballs to choose from, and the Account Editor makes it easy to change your snowball! —

What?! A snail snowball?!
Hello, friend.

Hah! How cute is that?! Now, let’s check out the Go to a Channel feature. To sum up how this works, it brings you to any !jr room you type in. OldCP has many different, unique, and custom rooms, so let’s check out one of them using this button —

Travel made simple.

Wow! Now, there’s an option to check out who the Player of the Month is. Let’s see who it is! —

Nice job, McKinlee!

Finally, for the final feature inside of the Account Editor, there is a Read Blog button. Let’s check it out, and let’s see what happens when we click it —

Gotta love OldCP’s blog!

Welp, that wraps this up, folks. OldCP’s Account Editor is surely a hit, and it comes in handy for everybody! Not only is this a great feature, but the CPPS itself is an amazing CPPS and you should play it! Come try OldCP, you won’t be disappointed, that’s for certain!

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