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Hey everyone,

This seems to be the third post today where I’m mentioning closures, but here we go.

As we all know by now LimitlessCP is set to close early August, with a successor called Klondike, being built. More information on the plans can be found, here.

It’s time to take a step back and shine the spotlight on a much-loved LimitlessCP feature, the Cinema.

For those who haven’t been on LimitlessCP, or used the Cinema before. It’s a place where you can share YouTube videos with your friends, on the big screen! That’s right, an entire room dedicated into playing your favorite YouTube videos. The room is located at the Plaza, which replaces the Stage.

Let’s take a quick look on what the Cinema looks like:

limitlesscp 1
The big screen rising above us all!

The Cinema is a fun place to hangout with your friends where you simply can queue YouTube videos via their YouTube manager, and watch and laugh away. Whenever you want, you can simply leave the room to continue your endeavors around the island.


Simple. All you are required to do is input the YouTube video ID and let it process in the queue.

When the time comes, your video will be playing for everyone in the room to see.

The YouTube video queue, at your service. Simply add your own video and watch the magic happen.

You may notice some extra features, such as a Like Video and Skip Video option. These options allow users to give a positive reputation to the video that is currently being played. This will allow users to vote if they enjoyed the video, which will showcase the results at the end of the video.

Users also have the option to ‘Skip’ the video, if it receives enough votes. The votes are calculated by the amount of players within the room, and needs to be at least half for the video to be skipped to the next within the queue.

A final interesting part of the Cinema is that it also provides you with what video is playing, without needing to be inside the Cinema! Simply head out to the plaza and see what’s currently playing.

limitlesscp 2
Some fresh new Katy Perry is on the screen!

That brings us to the end of our spotlight, where could our spotlight be shining next?

We hope you enjoy the last few moments of LimitlessCP, remembering Klondike will become a completely new server.

The server will not be related to LCP in anyway besides being owned by the same person.  Yes, you will have to make a new accounts on the new server. It will also be releasing with a spanish server!

Source: Speedy CPPSHQ

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