Spotlight: Hyperboreal

Hey everyone,

Lynx here! I don’t think many of you seem to know or play Hyperboreal but if you don’t know what it is, then let me brief you on it short and sweet.


Hyperboreal is a Club Penguin Private Server(CPPS) whom are very unique in their own way, they replicate the old days from Club Penguin where everything was fun and they are also one of the safest servers currently out there with top-notch security and have amazing Developers|Owners whom are very intelligent and have years of experience in the field of programming and networking. They are also the only server to have pretty much every feature that Club Penguin had – working at 100% without any flaws. For example multiplayer games like: Mancala, Find Four, Sled Racing, Treasure Hunt, and Card-Jitsu. Including but not limited to single player games as well. Hyperboreal are very keen on user safety and at the same time they make sure that users have an enjoyable experience like they once liked doing during the old club penguin era.


So today I’ll be shining the spotlight on their Dance Club, now the moment you join Hyperboreal you will be taken to their town and you will be shocked to see that their Dance Club looks very unique and has never ever been seen before!

Screenshot_22Lets waddle inside shall we?


Now if you ask me, this is probably the best room ever and not only is it unique but its very clean and spooky! The color’s of the room are very vibrant and the DJ Booth is very unique where it has two black sphynx on both the ends of the booth preying on fishes inside the booth.

So if you haven’t already experienced Hyperboreal, I highly suggest that you do! I also hope to see more unique rooms come onto Hyperboreal soon and maybe some unique features as well.


Thanks for reading 🙂 and cheers to a new month. Until next time, au revoir!



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