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Hey penguins,

So earlier I decided to go on FreePenguin and play it for the first time ever and boy it was fun! I enjoyed each and every thing about the server..their user base are so friendly and their servers aren’t all that crowded either. Overall I really loved the server but if there’s one thing that definitely caught my eye is their feature rich Settings Panel.

So therefore today I will be spotlighting the panel and I will also explain to you viewers on on why exactly I choose this as my favorite feature on FreePenguin and will get right down to it.

So lets go ahead and take a look at what you would see the moment you open the panel:


Cool right? Aside from the Commands, it offers a variety of features right from selecting a Custom Player Card to changing your Nameglow all by a touch of a button. So lets take a look at our first feature which is the Custom Player Cards:


As you can see there is a list of Custom Cards to choose from and for today I’ve selected Festive as my Custom Player Card because who doesn’t love Christmas!?


If you ask me this is one cool looking player card, not only is it decorative but the color and the spirit of the Holiday season is what makes it fascinating. So moving onto our next feature is the Commands


This is what you will be looking at the moment you click on that button, a scroll-able commands widget. This contains a list of commands all engineered to perfection to enhance your user experience and make the game a lot easier for you to play on.

Moving onto the next feature we are going to be looking at the Outfit System, this is where you could dress up in different outfits and have them saved so you could always switch back whenever you find the need to do so, what makes this interesting is the fact that you can name your outfits!


 Now the next cool feature we are going to be looking at is the Special Puffles


This is by far the best feature in the Panel, instead of having to choose between those old boring puffles you could adopt these instead which are more fun and look even cooler, what’s amazing is the fact that there’s a variety of them.


Our next features that we are going to be looking at are the Mascots and Transformations both of which are similar features and hence why I’ve chosen to talk about both at once.



As you can see both of these features like I said are very similar and when combined its a huge list to offer which makes the game both fun and interesting to play with fellow penguins. Last but not the least lets take a look at Name Glow, Name Color, Ring Color and Bubble Color which are our final features we are gonna look at and talk about.


Screenshot_12 Screenshot_13 Screenshot_14

As you can see all you got to do is – pick a color and click save. Simple as that. FreePenguin in my opinion has the most unique panel I’ve ever seen, not only does it look simple in terms of design, it’s also very simple for penguins to use and easy to navigate around without experiencing any lag.

Well that’s a wrap and I know this must have took you viewers long to read but I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I hope to see more penguins waddling around FreePenguin because trust me, its worth it. FreePenguin has more than just this to offer, the overall user experience is fantastic!

This is Lynx signing off for now, hope everyone has a lovely week ahead. Until next time, sayonara!


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