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It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary ~ Paulo Coelho.

These days we have plenty of CPPSes out there, many of which are just re-inventing the wheel and some which are going above and beyond trying to make their users happy by adding all sorts of features but at the same time making it hard for the users to manage their accounts.

          When you look at CPPS.me, you are attracted by its simplicity. They are the longest running CPPS and also the largest. The one thing that really hasn’t changed much since day one is their Management System.


The design of the management system can be described in one word; uncomplicated. To me, a good piece of design can still be successful without being to your taste. If it accomplishes its objective of being understood and allows people to do something, then whether it’s good or not is a matter of opinion and that’s exactly what I think about this panel, not to mention the banner adds that missing spice to the design. Logging into the panel is also very easy, you require only the following:

  • Username.
  • Password.
  • Pin or 2FA Code.

Once you have the information in your hand, the login is assured. Once you login this what you will be seeing.


As you can see the functionality of the panel is straightforward. The main page displays your penguin information such as your ID, Nickname etc. On the right side you have the options to have a live view of your penguin, setup a pin or two-factor authentication whichever security method you prefer, edit your name glow & color, bubble glow & text color, and change your password as well. Right below it, is the Administration Panel available only to authorized Staff Members. Once you’re done managing your account, you may log out using the button which is visible below the admin panel.

Overall this panel is the most simple panel I’ve ever used and not only is it user friendly but its hassle free and contains no ads! Let’s not forget, it also allows you to recover your password if you’ve forgotten it all by a click of a button and all you have to do is enter a couple of details 🙂


Well that’s all there is folks, have a spooky weekend but don’t get too scared though

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