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Hey guys,

I’m back! I’m not back as an author for SpeedyCPPSHQ though, I’m back with a special reveal for you today. Michael, the founder of SpeedyCPPSHQ has given me the honors to present this to the public.
You read the title right!

SpeedyCPPSHQ and CPPSnews have gone into a full partnership to bring YOU the best CPPS news experience possible. As we present this to the public, we have one message for you. Can you guess it before this post concludes?

Anyways, with this partnership we hope to change the way YOU read CPPS news and navigate the community. Not just that, but creating an even bigger bond with
all of you to improve this community. You might have some questions. I’m here to answer them.
1. How will SpeedyCPPSHQ and CPPSnews partner?

We will bring you more ideas that will continue being rolled out both on SpeedyCPPSHQ and CPPSnews. SpeedyCPPSHQ and CPPSnews also may host some fun events and parties together, and even collaborate on some posts together! We will be doing much more that will be revealed soon. Keep an eye out.

2. Why did CPPSnews and SpeedyCPPSHQ partner?

For you! We believe we can bring you an even better experience on both sites if we combine our ideas to create new ones whilst giving you the latest in the CPPS community, as always.

CPPSnews and SpeedyCPPSHQ are both very honored to working with each other and will continue providing you the latest CPPS news, fast, differently, and now TOGETHER.

We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for everyone. If you have absolutely any questions, please do not hesitate to comment below, or tweet @CPPSnews_pw or @SpeedyCPPSHQ.

I’ll be seeing you all a lot more often!

Thanks so much,



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