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Hey guys,

As we roll into June with loads of surprises and giveaways on various servers, we’re creating more to interact with YOU and even MORE posts to bring you MORE latest news. This is why we’re rolling out three new social media services to Speedy CPPSHQ, as apart of our engagement project. These services are: Snapchat, Youtube, KIK, XAT and Instagram. Can you guess what they’ll be used for? Guess before I get to the next paragraph.


Speedy CPPSHQ Snapchat

Snapchat will be used to provide more latest news to the CPPS Snapchat community. Sometimes we’ll hold contests on Snapchat. Sometimes we will feature posts on Snapchat.  We’ll even post funny snaps to our Snapchat story, and feature users and contributors to SpeedyCPPSHQ. That has to sound pretty cool. To add us on Snapchat, type in “SpeedyCPPSHQ” into your friend search on Snapchat or scan the snap code above!


Speedy CPPSHQ Instagram

Do you like taking selfies? So do we! That’s why we’re launching an official SpeedyCPPSHQ Instagram. If you’re on Instagram, you’ll be able to access the SpeedyCPPSHQ Instagram by simply typing in “SpeedyCPPSHQ” when searching for an account. With Instagram, Instagram will be a little similar to Snapchat. We’ll have contests on here, post selfies, and EVEN post snippets of future posts before they’re let out on our website, bringing you news faster. I almost forgot. We’ll feature players here and post tips about how to play CPPSes. Are you amazed yet?


Speedy CPPSHQ Kik

For the first time, it’s not us controlling a SpeedyCPPSHQ social media service. It’s a bot. That’s right, folks! We’ve officially launched a SpeedyCPPSHQ Kik bot. This bot can be useful if you’re away from home and would like to play a CPPS but don’t know which are online, and don’t feel like typing in cpps.news/list. Instead of scrolling down and down to find a CPPS that’s online, our bot collects data from servers that ARE online. (updated everyday!) We even update the Kik bot with special announcements about every server. It’s as easy as saying “Hi” to SpeedyCPPSHQ to get the latest news. We’ll always be adding new features to the Kik bot as time goes on.

When greeting the SpeedyCPPSHQ bot, it gives you a various selection of options to choose from.
The CPPS list function in action!
When selecting “Online Servers” or simply typing it into the chat, the bot lists all servers that are currently online.



We’re bringing new ways to interact with the community. First the launch of our Discord, now the launches and relaunches of our XAT, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and Kik. Our XAT will be managed by Dallas and Michael. With this XAT, we’ll bring announcements to the community, games, contests and much more.



Speedy CPPSHQ Facebook

We love to post, as you can tell. That’s why we’re expanding our POSTING section and our ENGAGEMENT section. By relaunching our Facebook, we’ll be relaunching our ENGAGEMENT and POSTING section. That sounds confusing. That’s good. Facebook is all about posting, and so is SpeedyCPPSHQ. On Facebook, we’ll be posting the latest news and interacting and bringing back the CPPS Facebook community.




Speedy CPPSHQ Youtube

New posts, differently. That’s how we’ll be doing it on Youtube. Don’t want to scroll down and feel too busy to read posts? That’s not a problem. We’re introducing CPPS news in the form of videos, which you can view easily by going to our Youtube channel. Link will be below. Now you definitely have to admit that what we’re launching is pretty awesome.


As this update rolls out, we’ll be adding more to our Youtube, Kik, Snapchat, XAT, Facebook and Instagram. Welcome to the new Speedy Engagement.



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