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If you are reading this, you have found the words, for admin’s Olympic event. Please comment on on that post giving the link to this post.

If you are the first to comment with the correct answer, you will receive 3 medals on the medal tally.

If you are the second to comment with the correct answer, you will receive 2 medals on the medal tally.

If you are the third to comment with the correct answer, you will receive 1 medal on the medal tally.

If you do comment with the correct answer after three people, you will receive a participation award, which will count as 1/2 a medal.

Bellow is the old post, not relating to this competition:

Hi guys,

It’s been a long, long time since Iv’e last informed you about the Olympic Games Speedy CPPSHQ will be hosting.

If you forgot about it, here is a quick big refresher:

We as Speedy CPPSHQ will be holding our own Olympic Games. Thats right, we are hosting our own Olympic Games. You will be representing your country, scoring ‘medals’ for your own country. We need you to be active and participate in order for this to work. We will be having our own medal tally, but first we need countries to participate in. Comment on this post with the country you are from and it will be added to our country list and medal tally.

Each day there will be a number of activities going on, you get to pick which activities you would like to participate in, your strengths are important, just like the real Olympics. A Olympic schedule will be made by me, with all the events, times and dates on the schedule.

Q. What if someone else is from the same country I am from?

No problems! More than one person can be in the same Olympic Team as you are in.

Q. Do I have to compete for the country that I am from?

No, you get to choose any country in the world to play for.

We will also be holding and opening and closing ceremony, these will take place on cpps’ along with people from different countries walking around with their countries flag as a pin. Also there will be a big after-party for the closing ceremony along with giveaways.

In order for the Biggest Olympic Event in CPPS History to work, we need your help and support for it! A post will be made shortly after this post officially giving out times and dates of the opening ceremony, and then it begins!

Please discuss on the chats about this event, and see what others may think.

Also, if you have any bright ideas of Olympic Events, feel free to tell me on the chats or on this post, and I can start plotting up a draft of our schedule.

Also, we need Olympic Mascots, if you want to, you can start designing Olympic Mascots, all ideas will be taken in consideration.

Well about half of you have no idea what i’m rambling on about, and some of you may have just skimmed through this.

Time to explain:

The Event: Speedy CPPSHQ will be having their own Olympic Games, this is very similar to the real Olympics, but you will be playing for your country on CPPS’.

Duration: The games will go for 17 days, 16 days of events and 1 day for the closing ceremony.

You will be representing your own country, so if you country isn’t on the medal tally page, go to the page ” Speedy CPPSHQ’s Olympic Games Medal Tally”, and comment stating the country you want to add. Once the medal tally is done, I will create a image of the medal tally, and make a mini medal tally in the sidebar.

Each day we will be having events, some could be racing to certain locations on cpps’, swimming in the pools located on cpps’ or soccer at the stadium on cpps’.

Every time you win a event, you win a Gold medal for you county. If you come second you will receive a Silver medal for your country, and come third you will receive a bronze medal for your country. This will then be added to the medal tally of which country you are from. We will also make a image of a medal with your name and country on it, and the medals will be displayed on a page on our blog.

As the real Olympic does, we will be having a Opening and Closing ceremony on a cpps, where each person will wear their countries flag as a pin, and events will take place, also there will be a after-party.

The games will begin when I post the opening ceremony details, and the blog will change into a Olympic – Styled blog.

The Event will explode with colour , and me and other cpps owners are planning big events in support of this. We hope that this catches on and will be a widely talked about event. Also if you see a cpps owner/mod, ask them about this, if you don’t know what to say direct them to this post and they would read about it.


We need committees to assist in the party, which may follow:

  • Organising Committee (will be selected by admin)
  • Advertising Committee ****
  • Security Committee **
  • Designing Committee **
  • Olympic Committee ***
  • Meeting Planners/ Timezone efficiency **

KEY:  ** = Needed, *** = Needed mostly, **** = Needed majorly

If you would like to help out of any of the jobs above, comment bellow and tell me, you will be added to a special Committee page, and will be involved in a special Speedy CPPSHQ ceremony at the Opening & Closing ceremonies.

The advertising committee is the most important job, as if we don’t have enough people attending the Olympic Games will be cancelled.

I think I covered about everything about this party.

In un-related news: The “Author” & “Penguin” Of the week will be chosen once again soon, so stay tuned.

Feel free to comment or ask questions about anything in this post.

Kind Regards,

  • admin

~ Speedy CPPSHQ, Celebrating The 30th Olympiad, London 2012~

           – This Post has been produced by admin in association with the International Olympic Committee and Google, and may not be reproduced or re-transmitted in any form without the express written consent from Speedy CPPSHQ. –

~ Speedy CPPSHQ’s Olympic Games 2012 ~


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