Speedy CPPSHQ Turns 4!

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Hi guys,

We’d like to quickly announce a huge milestone for Speedy CPPSHQ.

Just days ago Speedy CPPSHQ turned 4 years old. We’d like to thank all our viewers for your endless support across the past 4 years, as we’ve been committed to deliver you the latest CPPS news, fast. We’re now one of the longest running, surviving CPPS news blogs.

I’d like to personally provide you a brief history of the blog, and how we came to be what we are today.

In July 2012, we officially opened the blog for business. It was in development for quite some time while we gathered a small team to run the site. I originally wasn’t planning to become a blogger, but something about Speedy interested me, I found inspiration from other news blogs around that era, and I thought maybe can try our own little thing, and most of all make a mark in this community.

Speedy began in quite a mix, as you may tell by some of the older posts. We began on a simple but effective .wordpress.com site. Although the domain isn’t ideal now, It was great at the time. The team consisted on 3 admins, and whole range of authors which were made up of friends who we met on CPPSes. We had a blast, on which we found Speedy CPPSHQ something fun to do, as we all enjoyed blogging and connecting with the community. Over the years I began to develop my blogging skills, learning more and more about wordpress and what it’s capable of, along with using Speedy as a base to practice my writing skills. Soon enough, the admins began dropping like flies. Speedy soon became an inactive blog mid-2013, with little posts being made, run alone by myself. This experience was essential to gather my management skills, on keeping a team together. I began to lose interest in Speedy, and announced a break which took effect for a few months, this break involved a blog that was not updated for a few months. Although the blog was in hiatus, the viewer’s weren’t. Speedy CPPSHQ continued to gain popularity throughout the break, gathering 80,000 viewers when no posts were made.

One day, I was browsing the web and came across Speedy on a google search result. I decided to login and checkout the blog, and then caught another driving passion into continuing the site. Many changes were made in that 2014 period, along with hiring a fresh team to bring in new posts. This was a fresh start. After a few months, things turned sour again and so Speedy took another hit with a posting hiatus.

Recent times now kicked in. I was again browsing the web one day, and came across Speedy. Me and a friend then thought long and hard, and we gathered the courage to bring Speedy back again. So it happened. Speedy undertook a massive refresh, hooked up a domain and switched to wordpress.org, as we wanted to make a statement that we were serious for blogging. A new team was hired, and from then on-wards it expanded and the growth was big.

It took 4 years for Speedy to find the right road to travel, and I can proudly say today that we’ve found it. We have found the right direction we’ve been searching for, for so long. It took time, but all good things take time to find themselves, and this was our case.

Let this be a story to all of you. No matter what you try, you can succeed if you have the determination, passion and patience to make it work.

We’d like to thank every single person who has been a part of Speedy ever since 2012, below is a list of everyone who has been part of the blog, over these past 4 years, we couldn’t have done it without you:

 ~ Rexy, Cheerios, Jake44264, Snow, Ju982grd, DM_ChriS, Daryl, Petal, Sonic55170, iCandy, Swimmy, PinguAlex10, Yahoo, Crisps82, Player, Milliexo, Cyberisma, MrHappy7907, CPPSboy, Logan, Torres, Kakabaka, Josh09, iTom, Chris, Alvin, iAlex123, Jennifer, Lorie, Dallas, Alicia, Visa, Nombix, Flippy, Flame, Super, State, Cyberwolf, Fang, Keniferr, Ozymumbles, Tybone10, Lily, Dev321, Jason, Alana, Joey, Creek, Visa, Dallas, Squirrel, Anabanana, Yoyo, Raymond, Alanis, Sammy, Angelina, Angie, Blissom, Kyla, Catherine, Camden, Kyla, Shawn, Nuno, Tom, Leila, Christian, Peg Penguin, Kayla, Kitty, Corble, Anson, Escapism, Poochie, Categoric, Trinity, iCPblog and Bones ~

(Sorry if we’ve missed anyone – this list has been pulled from both speedycppshq.com & speedycppshq.wordpress.com)

We would like to thank all these people, for helping us shape Speedy CPPSHQ to what is has become today. Without your valued contributions, Speedy CPPSHQ may not be here right now.

Before we leave you with this post, we’d like to share a story. This message was submitted to us by a viewer via our feedback form. It has touched our hearts so greatly, that we would like to share it all with you. The viewer’s name will stay private for personal reasons:

“Hey, I found your website in July or August of 2012. I think the first cpps I joined was either xcpps or xpps, I don’t remember. I was eleven years old, and I had heard about the cpps community through some “rare” penguins on the regular cp on the server “sleet.” They were mentioning things about every single item for free, no memberships, and frankly, I was stoked. I stopped playing for awhile, but started back up in the fall of 2012, on cpps.me, after it first started up. Again, I quit playing cpps for awhile, but got onto cpps.me in May of 2014, and met some friends that saved my life. The whole point of this message is to thank you for having this website, because without it I truly believe that I would be dead right now, so thank you for that”.

Feedback like this means a lot to us. We appreciate and value everything sent to us, further allowing us to feel good on making a difference in the community.

Thank you for sticking with us over these past 4 years, and we hope to see many more to come,

The Speedy CPPSHQ Team would like to thank everyone for their support over these past 4 years. Speedy CPPSHQ’s mission is to bring you latest and reliable CPPS news. Our community means a lot to us, which will always come first. Thank you for choosing us, for your source of CPPS News.





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