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Hello everybody,

I’ve come today to share with you both bad and good news. What’s the bad news? Our friends over at CPPSnews have decided to close their website very soon. What’s the good news? All CPPSnews trials, authors, editors, managers, and administrators have hopped on over to Speedy CPPSHQ! Now, I’m sure you’re already buzzing with a bunch of questions, so I will get to answering those right now.

  1. Why is CPPSnews closing?
    CPPSnews is closing because the CN administrators felt that if they merged with Speedy CPPSHQ, it would make the community more active and feel less confused on the status of both websites. Plus, people won’t have to view both CPPSnews and Speedy CPPSHQ. Also, since we are doing this, we will be able to all work together as one and deliver news a lot more quicker on your #1 source for CPPS news — Speedy CPPSHQ.
  2. Wait, so uh, what exactly is happening with the CPPSnews staff?
    Though you’ve seen several introduction posts on the website lately, and I have stated above that the CN staff have “hopped on over to Speedy CPPSHQ,” I can understand if you’re still confused. The CPPSnews staff will not be left jobless. They are allowed to come on over to Speedy CPPSHQ and post on here from now on.
  3. If you’re merging, exactly how big is the team now?
    Bigger than you can imagine! We have nearly 30 individual people on our team now. With that being said, the Your Says, Service Checks, and most importantly, any updates on any CPPS will be delivered and reported to you even faster than before!
  4. Was this part of the surprise with the several events happening in June?
    I’m going to be honest here — no. We didn’t exactly plan on this. We planned on staying partnered forever and getting along as two separate blogs. However, after a few discussions with the administration on both blogs, we decided it was best to merge to either CN or Speedy CPPSHQ, and this is where we are now.
  5. Can I still apply to be a staff for Speedy CPPSHQ?
    We have a giant team as I have said before, so I don’t think we’ll be hiring for a long time! If there ever comes a day where we’ve somehow lost several staff for some reason, we will announce that we are hiring. From now on you can sit back, relax, and check the website on a daily basis because you’ll see a bunch of posts from our new staff on the daily basis!

If you have any more questions, feel free to comment them below. Another staff or myself will get back to you with an accurate and detailed answer. As you can see, CPPSnews Twitter has been changed entirely with the words in their bio saying this —

Go visit the BIGGEST CPPS blog ever! That’s right, we’ve merged. We’re with !

No more continuously switching between two websites! We adore CPPSnews and their staff, but this decision was made for the better, and for YOU — our readers. We felt this was the best route go, plus, it definitely benefits YOU. With all of these new staff, we can combine our ideas, and bring YOU the best CPPS news blog in history! CPPSnews isn’t completely dead if we have our fellow friends merging with us now, so stay pumped!

Speedy CPPSHQ comes as one entire whole with YOU in mind. We will always listen to YOU and YOUR opinions while being respectful, and bring YOU the latest and greatest CPPS news — delivered SPEEDY fast.

Thank you CPPSnews for giving us this wonderful opportunity! We’re more than excited to have you here with us.



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