SourPenguin: The Return


SourPenguin is an exceptional CPPS with features most servers don’t even have. We’ll start with an interview from one of the founders – Sour also known as Noah.

Camden: Noah, there has been recent threats against SourPenguin, can you tell us about these?

Sour: Of course, users such as Killua and Scofeild have attacked SourPenguin multiple times. In fact, they are the reason for our downtime. We have recently switched from PHP to PERL due to PERL patching all exploits. We are not afraid of any threats.

Camden: What has Killua and Scofeild been doing that’s been threatening SourPenguin in general?

Sour: Sending packets which give a false report of users, which floods the server and crashes it. They also have been DDoSing the site. Another thing that Killua and Scofeild have been doing is using special commands to exploit which has since then been patched. Scofeild has actually hacked Kevin’s account and went on a banning spree.

Camden: Kevin and yourself have been adding loads of features and gaining popularity. How has your popularity decreased or increased since you’ve opened?

Sour: It has decreased since our threats. We have had to get new sources and patch problems which has caused us to reset our database due to the site not being up entirely while we’re done. We have lost a lot of our user base,  but we have confidence that we will slowly be back up.

Camden: What makes you unique from others? Like, what makes you stand out from the other servers?

Sour: We want to have a completely different experience. This means custom items, custom rooms, custom parties. If a player has never been on a server before and SourPenguin is their first CPPS, we want it easy for them to be adapt to their surroundings. Full of simplicity, yet full of features.

Camden: Who is the team behind SourPenguin?

Sour: Myself, Kevin and Maria. Kevin does the coding, Maria makes the customs and I handle PR.

Great Interview!
Great Interview!

SourPenguin has tweeted out as of 12/29/15, they’re back up and running.


Let’s get to the review part. This review will start on grading the features of SourPenguin.

The features of SourPenguin are complex and easy to use. SourPenguin offers free nameglow and bubblecolor. The commands are pretty simple except you must put 0x before each hex code when using your nameglow or bubblecolor.





Sour also offers walk on walls. No command is needed, it is free.


SourPenguin has added speed. You might be thinking, oh, !speed, easy! Well, it’s not as simple as that. It’s !sp. Okay, maybe it is simple…

How to use !SP:

Speed is simple and easy to use. You go into a negitave number such as -1 or -2 or -3 or -4, I’m sure you know how to count to teleport. To go really really slow, use a low positive number such as 1 or 2 or three, to go slow. (yes, I know you know how to count) To go super fast like sonic, use 1000 or 2000 or 100 or a number that’s really high to go fast.

SourPenguin also comes back with the Hollywood Party, as you can see from the photo up above.

This concludes the return of SourPenguin post, if you’d like to learn more about SourPenguin keep checking out their twitter here.

Otherwise, play now. I have to warn you if you eat a penguin they’re really sour.


To play SourPenguin, click me.

To visit SourPenguin, click me.






    • @Jock12cp Only some CPPSes have this feature, which is speed. The huge CPPSes like CPPSme or Miraiso haven’t implemented speed at all yet. Another feature is titles below your name. Only small CPPSes have introduced this, I doubt maybe some bigger servers will soon. Good question.

  • Yeahhh, it wasn’t scofield who managed to crack Kevin’s password, it was me. I don’t know why Kevin would chooose such a stupid password “—-“. I’ll be coming after all the newest CPPSes, it’s just fun yano..

    • Lol do you know that in fact I just told Killua my password ? How can you be so stupid .. And telling everyone that you hacked sourpenguin ? None of ur replies make sense.

      • One thing, I didn’t hack SourPenguin, and I wasn’t even telling everyone I “hacked” it. I just cracked your password… Think of a better, stronger password next time m8.


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