SourPenguin Re-brand: Frosty

SourPenguin has been with us for quite some time, with posting a official return late last month, and has now taken a step into dedicating a new image for the server, entering into a re-brand.

The re-brand counters as a new name, website and twitter for the server. Moving onto a new image now known as ‘Frosty’. Although, if you do remember late last year, Ryan developed a server also under the same name, but try not to be confused with this, as this new server is now not owned by Ryan, and the team has been given the rights to go under the name as ‘Frosty’. The CPPS is now run by Kevin & Sour who developed SourPenguin together, these new owners will be drastically changing the shape of Frosty, to eliminate thought of it being still developed by Ryan.

loader frosty
The loader bring backs many memories from the original Frosty!

Frosty is flooding with features as soon as you hit the game! With many being the VIP attributes. Frosty has stated via twitter that the first 500 registered accounts will receive a VIP rank absolutely free, unlocking access to all the commands and features, so make sure to hurry in and reserve your account now!

Sour Penguin
The town buzzing with excitement, with the users trying out the commands + VIP commands!

As the game has just released, there still may be bugs, and not all features have been added yet, but we’re sure Frosty has many upcoming features to come! Alike SourPenguin, Frosty also offers a name change option, which a support form will need to be filled out, which is featured on the contact page.

The CPPS does not yet have any custom items, but as stated by the moderator ‘Bacon’ in-game, they will soon be releasing some custom items. Although, Frosty has added some custom emotes which can be used by any user on the CPPS.

Custom emotes!

The game itself does not have a in-game or external manager system, and we are unsure if Frosty will plan to choose that approach in the future.

Other features you may come across, are generic features such as status editor, credits & delete item. Frosty has also slightly altered the player card hue, to a much darker tone of blue with a lime green border outline, along with the buddy list touch-up, changing the design of the facing, to match the player card hue.

Statuses, Credits, Delete Inventory item + Darker hue tone!
buddy list
New buddy list design

Give Frosty a go today! Remember: The first 500 users will receive VIP for free.

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