Solstice’s UI updates

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Have you heard about the new server – Solstice? If you haven’t, you’ve been living under a rock. Solstice is a new server which strives for new beginnings, maintained by Angelina. Recently, Solstice’s development team has been very hard at work trying to provide their user-base with new features.

I can finally customize my colors with playercard hue on Solstice. Let’s have a party with c olor.

That feeling when Camden isn’t using a gif in his post…

Playercard hue on Solstice is only obtainable by a member of the management team. Playercard hue is pretty rare, so be sure to ask for playercard hue early.

Solstice’s Development Team has also implemented a new design making it easier for you to navigate around Solstice. This includes a background changer for the playercard page. When you’re logged in, you’ll be able to change your background color by simply clicking the Solstice logo on the play page.



Forgot to mention the next new feature – badges. This is a small implementation, but it works really well to identify staff members. Die hard Mirai lovers, you may remember the good ol’ badges from Mirai. You can even see them on CPPS.me today. Solstice’s badges are sort of similar to CPPS.me and Mirai’s.


Solstice’s Development Team has made navigating Solstice much easier with their new website update, once again. Instead of having to navigate through pages and pages, they’ve made it simple with only one page you have to steer around – the homepage. When you click “Solstice”,  you’re automatically redirected to Solstice’s play page.



Since Solstice is in it’s beta phase, you will need to private message Angelina to join Solstice.

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Solstice’s Home || Solstice’s Play Page


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