Solstice’s Return?


The developers have been working everyday and have finally completed the task of returning! Here’s a background on why Solstice closed down for a little while.

 Solstice suffered a short down time due to an unexpected issue with their VPS. They closed down for a little while to update everything. They updated security, game play, games and even added some new features! Solstice hasn’t just returned better, it’s returned bigger with much more game enjoyment. They plan to bring much more to the server before their official release.


Today, we take a look at the development of Solstice.


The Solstice bot is not a normal bot that you see on certain CPPSes, it has unique outfit and glows. This creates a different sense of environment. Solstice has also updated their website to be more functional.


As players of Solstice, you can join the Solstice discord chat and become a Beta Tester. Solstice has also decided to add in a little picture, this usually appears whenever the game is down.


As of October 10th, Solstice has not announced an official return date, as they are working on some unique features. This is an indication that the game is being improved. The Development team will also be choosing more Beta Testers soon, so keep your eyes posted.

Thank you for reading, have a spooky week and waddle on!

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