Solero – Re-release

After closing in July 2016, the popular CPPS forum has finally re-opened, with administrators: Kevin, Ben & Arthur. It will mainly be a “CPPS oriented forum” as stated by Arthur, but will include general programming projects.

The website design is pretty simple, consisting of a grey heading & a white body:

This is only temporary for now, as custom themes will be implemented into the site to add to the vast amount of customisation in Solero.

When registered, you can: create, like and comment on posts, rank up and increase or decrease your community rep (which only allows positive reputation ATM).

As the site increases in popularity and reaches a stable user-base the staff will be looking for ideas on how to expand and improve the forum. You can DM them via discord.

It has huge potential in the hands of Arthur, Kevin and Ben and looks like it could become a large forum if maintained and nurtured correctly.

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Thanks, Leo.



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