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Hi guys,

Only a few days ago, news broke that the leading CPPS discussion forum has come to an end.

Solero, first arriving at our doorstep at the end of 2015, brought so much to the CPPS community. The forum was a hub for CPPS discussions, tutorials, assistance and more. It served as a new home, following Rile5‘s footsteps, but sadly it has come to a final end.

The reason for this is short and simple, the owner, Arthur has decided to close the forum due to disinterest in CPPSes and the community itself.


A statement left on Solero, followed with background music.

Solero, for its time here, brought us a lot of useful information. It inspired others to learn on how to develop CPPSes, it assisted those in need of help, and it reunited members of the community together again.

Although we may be sad for the loss of Solero, we do now have a new forum following in its footsteps.


As we’ve told you about Aureus before, it will slowly take Solero’s place in the world of CPPS forums. Furthermore, with now the recent database release from Solero, work has already begun on the forum beginning the lengthy job of topic restoration.

The topic restoration applies to anyone, even those who are inspired to create their own forums. If you are wanting a specific file, which is not within the database, email Arthur here: [email protected].

Visit Aureus


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